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  1. Not seen it online, I bought the original!
  2. This release by Graf is just fabulous. I've always had a a bit of a problem appreciating this gig mainly due to the issue that Trampled Under Jimmy's Foot (SIRA) has a really grating distorted bass sound!! This release was virtually all Source One. Some years later I secured a copy of Holy CD last part of the gig, Source 2 Millard recording. Oh, how I dreamt of having the whole gig in this kinda quality. Now with the release of GRAF'S 3 source release which contains much of the third source, my dream is pretty complete & I place this gig as one of the best & most enjoyable 1975 Non Soundboard releases available. NQ & Dazed are absolute standouts. James Patrick is burning bright! Seek & Enjoy!!
  3. Excellent, I look forward to it when time allows you! Many thanks for your great remaster(s)!
  4. Is your remaster, "The Stereo Project" an upgrade to this one. Is the unexpected cut before the end of Kashmir there for a reason, (Track time is 7:00 on this compared to 10:26 on HTTF)????🤔
  5. I discussed this with Bert Jansch in 1998 over a beer. He was telling me that he actually was a bit of a fan of Jimmy's having seen one of the PP gigs in '95. He said that he felt that Jimmy stealing BMS was a bit of a compliment & that he wasn't that bothered as much of BMS/White Summer was a mishmash of "She Moves Though The Fair and other Davy Graham's pieces. He considered such tunes were in the realms of traditional folk!
  6. Any chance of a link for Steve's remasters of both 28th & 29th?
  7. DVD Knebworth Masters - 30th Anniversary Edition" (No Label) To me this is the best version about!
  8. Today I received Evolution is Timing 3. Oddly when I put in Disks 9 & 10 It says on the menu that the gig is the 4th but is actually the 11th. Likewise Disks 11 & 12 says 2nd day, 11th in the menu but the songs are from the 4th! Seems like a silly mistake for EVSD to make! Just wanted to check that I don't have a weird pressing. Can anyone with this set please verify? Thanks.
  9. April 27, 1977- Cleveland 1977 Destroyer (DRGM)
  10. How does the quality compare to other releases such as In the Court Of King James (EVSD)?
  11. "In For A Quick Garden" I have always thought that it means In for a quick shag, ie. In a Ladies "Garden"!
  12. Collected these on the night of 26th July 1995! Here's the story:- Here is the full story of what happened for anybody who’s interested. I went to both nights at Wembley, on the 25th & 26th of July, 1995. On the first night I went with my girlfriend who was fairly new to Zeppelin & Plant & Page, however the next night I went on my own I was full of excitement I knew this was the last night of the European Tour. Before the concert, which was excellent, I bumped into a few friends I knew through the Led Zeppelin community As I was leaving the arena I bumped into a guy who said he had just met Peter Grant who was signing autographs by the mixing desk. So I went back in to see if I could see him but alas he had gone. At this point to the proceedings people were de-rigging the stage setup and surroundings & I could see a couple of guys guarding a door to the side of the stage. So I went towards the stage and picked up a little bit of scaffolding and then approached the two guards. As I was holding the piece of scaffolding I tapped my rear pocket & said “Access all areas” - to my great surprise they let me through and I found myself in a corridor feeling rather nervous. A few minutes past and Najma Akhter came towards me and we exchanged conversation & I asked if there was any chance that I could meet Page & Plant. She exclaimed that the security was very tight but she couldn’t’ see a problem with me hanging round where I was! She then disappeared & to my amazement Van Morrison came towards me. Again we engaged in light conversation & he signed a guest pass list which I had removed from a wall as I thought I would need some paper. He then disappeared & I continued walking down the corridor. I then saw a room on my left which most of the Egyptian Orchestra were in. I was standing in the doorway when Hossam Ramsey came out and started talking to me before taking me into the room where I immediately met a young lady who turned out to be his daughter. She and I started talking and asked yet again whether there was any chance of me meeting Robert & Jimmy. She told me to wait and disappeared, shortly she returned with a number of backstage passes, including a guest pass and a working crew pass which she said were mine and that she would introduce me to as many people as possible. We then went back into the corridor and Robert & Jimmy were ushered past us surrounded by a ring of security. Suddenly one of the security guys said “What are you doing here" at which point I flashed my pass at them. I then talked to Rex King who was very modest, so much so he refused to give me his autograph as he said he was not worthy!! We then went backstage where I was introduced to the entire band and thanked both Robert & Jimmy for an amazing concert. At this point my head was spinning & I just became lost for words so I asked Jimmy if he remembered me from a previous encounter when I turned up at his house in 1988. (When he gave me a signed promo copy of his Outrider album!!!) He said sorry but that he didn’t’t & that he was rather stressed out around that period for various reasons. I then suggested that he must be really happy playing all the old stuff again with Robert to which he replied “You bet”! I then totally dried up & turned to see Peter Grant standing on his own. I went up to talk to him & he seemed surprised & said ”He’s who you should be talking to", (pointing at Jimmy). I said I’d just had a chat with him & wanted to talk to the 5th Member of Led Zeppelin! He seemed quite touched & we spoke about a number of issues including his role with various bands before Zeppelin. I then saw Robert & strolled over. He seemed to recognize me from previous gigs I had been to. I thanked him for a wonderful concert & told him I thought the new line up with the Egyptians was a superb & fitting Coda for the history of the band. He said he could not have done it any other way & that it was nice to be able to show the songs in a new light. I gave him a “hippyish” necklace which belonged to my girlfriend, (now my Wife!), (she didn’t mind). All the members of the band signed loads of material including passes, tickets & other things, (attached). I was totally blown away as being in that situation has always been a dream for me. After a couple of hours I left the building with my arms full of stuff which I had been given I then had to sit in my car for nearly an hour before I had recovered enough to drive home I have met Robert a few times since with his band “Priory Of Brion”. It’s funny but it is amazing how many coincidences have happened to me regarding Zeppelin. Just the other day I went to a party in my road and met Charlie, (Steve), Jones’ cousin who in fact lives just round the corner from me. Then there was a weird time in London when I was driving around with Doug Boyle as a passenger listening to a bootleg of 05/06/90! I will try & attach copies of some of the memorabilia I collected that night. And yes, I still get a Christmas card from Hossam Ramsey! Still all credit must go to his daughter, Louvainne, without whom very little of that night would have occurred!
  13. No worries. There's no hurry. Sorry to hear about your job. Difficult times. Stay safe!
  14. The two Japanese SBD's 28 & 29th Sept 1971 probably blew me away more than any other releases EVER!
  15. They come from Singapore.... Here in The UK:- Ordered 15th Shipped 17th Arrived 21st Standard Post, ie. Not expedited!
  16. Are you still ineding to post the FLAC files? 😛
  17. Very Kind but why post Lossy MP3's & not FLAC?????
  18. Still no sign of it! I wonder if this release is just a massive Hoax by EVSD as payback to all the people that downloaded the next night!
  19. The last two Discs are identical as the 2CD version & identical to The Night Owl D/L version!
  20. My 6CD version Came Today! Unfortunately as expected EVSD have not credited Night Owl. No mention whatsoever!
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