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  1. I do that with those stupid emails you get, ya know the one "Get to know eachother better" and you answer mundane questions like: "what is your favorite color, dream vacation, etc." I got one that asked the same question above "Beatles or Stones?" I respond "uh Zeppelin.....duh!"
  2. I think it would be great to see Led Zeppelin live, in concert, in all their splendor and glory. If only we all could have lived in the days of these enigmatic rock gods. Some of us can only listen to old recordings of live shows, close our eyes, let the music enter our souls, and imagine that we are there. Shame on us, I guess, for wishful thinking (according to some nay-sayers and jesters). Absurd it is, to actually hope that one day the "Greatest Rock Band -- EVER" (as is always my introduction of Led Zeppelin) will once again grace the stage and give their faithful and enduring fans
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