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Found 118 results

  1. So today at work this new cute female walked by my cube and asked me.. Is that guy playing a guitar with a bow? I said... Well that guy happens to be jimmy page one of the coolest guitar players ever. To much of my surprise she said she never even heard of led zeppelin.. I guess she listens to all that computerized rap crap.. And I happened to have my GOODTIMES BADTIMES book and I said if you want to read up on a good band.. So she took it and I hope that is a sign she is into me. PEACE and ROCK and ROLL.
  2. Peter Mensch and the guys from QPrime management are answering questions on Reddit right now. http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/1cmn1x/we_are_a_music_management_company_that_represents/
  3. Hi all, On 13th of June 2011, I received the following email from Genesis Publications (The link and the password contained within still work so, feel free to take a proper look) It is essentially an invite to purchase one of 20, artist proof copies of the deluxe version of Jimmy's autobiography which are again signed but this time, numbered 1-20 with Roman numerals. This might be a little way down the line now but I have only recently joined and am keen to find out if any of the fans here were lucky enough to pick up one of these 20 proof copies when the offer first came around? I have searched through this forums postings and found nothing on the subject so far. I have also tried using popular search engines and come up with nowt but blanks. Then, just to add a dash more mystery to this elusive 20, even Genesis Publications themselves have decided not to include any information pertaining to them within the pages of their website? I'm just glad that I kept the original email!
  4. We have just completed a brand new fine art portfolio of prints taken by renowned photographer Herbie Greene in 1969 in his studio in San Francisco. Here is a link to the dedicated webpage of the Led Zeppelin Portfolio. Many of these photos have not been seen before and are intimate portraits of the band just before their first US tour in 1969. http://ledzeppelinportfolio.comLedZeppelinPortfolioPR.pdf
  5. O.K. So I hope I'm not the only one who thinks that now that there is a game where you actually learn how to play songs on the guitar, Jimmy Page will release songs for them!!! He said that he wouldn't for Guitar Hero, because they could have spent that time actually learning how to play. WELL HERE IT IS MR. PAGE!!! I'd like to ask how (if at all possible) could we get his attention on this?? I mean, I know there are some out there who want to learn!!!
  6. I have recently joined this forum (29 NOV 2012, 1st Post - 01 DEC 2012) - and perhaps I need to introduce myself... I have been writing songs (and playing guitar a bit...) since I was fifteen, and have recently come to the conclusion that singer-songwriter should have been my career all along... By way of introduction to my work, below is a link to demos of my melodies & lyrics for Jimmy Page’s “Embryo” instrumentals from the “It Might Get Loud” movie & extras. “Embryo 1” is the one called “Untitled” (to be titled later...), with an original lyric and melody by me. “Embryo 2” (a.k.a “Domino” from Jimmy’s performance at NetAid in 1999) is the one entitled Fhear a’ Bhata - here I adapted a traditional lyric and reworked the melody to fit Jimmy’s instrumental - there is a version of the the original by Sandy Denny - though I learned the song from Gordon Bok, Ed Trickett, and Ann Mayo Muir. “Embryo 3” is the one titled “Thrown Down...” - this is my original lyric and melody. The instrumentals were downloaded from YouTube and JimmyPage.com, and are, of course, Jimmy’s work and NOT mine. (I do have a little guitar piece of my own I might post later when I figure out how to record it...) Also on the way later are two more lyrics and melodies for instrumentals of Jimmy’s, and a song I wrote which is at present a cappella, for which I may make a video.... Here’s the link to my demos @ReverbNation.com: Kathleen Mary Parker Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos
  7. Hi there! Me again with a new model that some people here may like to know. If you are interested, PM me or check it out at eBay or Etsy. Hope you like it! It's not easy to craft something like this when you don't have a clear image. Note that this one is 18k gold, but I'm selling in rhodinated sterling silver just as the another one I'd posted some time ago. Thank you! Sergio
  8. Hi there, I'm selling a pendant inspired on the mysterious one Page wore at the Madison Square shows circa 1974 and seen in TSRTS movie. It can be purchased directly from me (PM me) or at eBay or Etsy. Ebay: http://www.ebay.com/...6#ht_500wt_1413 Etsy: https://www.etsy.com...emains-the-same It's handmade in rhodinated sterling silver* (925) with a natural blue topaz. Note that the locket bail (part where chain holds it) is different. This can be changed by request, but I preferred this shape for a better "fine jewel look". Weight: 5,79 pennyweights Size: 44 mm long X 50 mm wide I will ship item EMS** via Brazilian Postal Service. Usually,takes a week to be delivered depending on the destination. Please, before buying contact me to confirm if your country can be delivered. Any further questions? Write me! * It won't tarnish. ** I know EMS is expensive,but it's the fastest and safer way to ship worldwide from here. I don't trust another shipping way but FEDEX,UPS or DHL but these are even more expensive! Sorry. PS. Item will be cast only after payment. It may take up to 10 business days because it's a handmade piece. I will ship as fast as possible when pendant is done. BTW. I'm a Led Zeppelin fan since a young boy and not a professional seller but if it's not allowed to add personal handmade items here, sorry! Let me know and I delete the topic. Thank you so much.
  9. Hi guys, I'd like to make my own poster of almighty Jimmy. I'm looking for two particular pictures (from 1977 i guess). In order to print it right, i need the bigger high resolution available out there. Does any of you have something like that ? I think the first picture was printed in a lot of magazines back then so may be there is a high res. scan available somewhere. Also for the story, i'd like to know from which shows those 2 pics were taken (by who ? may be there is a book i can buy with this pic, i don't know...) Thx a lot for your help ! Cheers from France. ... I tried to write my best english here
  10. Did Jimmy ever play his solo piece 'White Summer/Black Mountain Side' at any post Zep concerts?
  11. These have never been published anywhere in the past 37+ years.... Thanks, Sam for archiving them!! I wish I would have had a better camera than a crappy little Kodak 110 camera with a single roll of 24 images for Houston 1975...Ahh,. the "old days" What I would have given to have had my Nikon! Time to share them - these are for DavidZoso, to add to his mighty archive....! ENJOY L.Z.F.!!
  12. Hello everyone, I've been a member of this board for a while and its predecessor, though I don't post all that much. I wanted to let everyone know I've started a blog, but this one I think will be unique. I intend to take a journey through the life of Jimmy Page by learning as many songs as I possibly can that he ever recorded. From his skiffle days to Neil Christian, from the session years to the Yardbirds, from Led Zeppelin and beyond. This is going to be a loooooong process of course but I think in the end I will become a better guitar player and maybe understand Jimmy Page just a little bit more, or at least how his mind worked creatively and how he developed as a musician. That's the goal anyway. I intend to explain the ins and outs of each song and then play them, describe how its going in the process, what parts are easy, what parts are difficult. Hopefully if you do end up reading it, you might be able to learn along with me. I'm very excited about this venture and I invite you all to take the journey with me. So take a look, I've already figured out how to play skiffle like a 13 year old Jimmy Page and you can see how to do so yourself. Take care everyone. Here is the link in case you are at all interested.... http://findingzoso.blogspot.com/ Zosofancmr
  13. Here's my custom made Jimmy Page Black Dragon Jacket! I play guitar for Electric Magic- my Led Zeppelin tribute band. We had a pretty big gig down in the Lower East Side of New York City at Otto's Shrunken Head. The set list was gonna have some heavy deep tracks....Sick Again, What Is And What Should Never Be, Ten Years Gone, Kashmir, Rock n' Roll, Dazed and Confused (with bow solo) and Ramble on. For the show it was decided that we should dress as the members of Zeppelin but not go way over the top. This jacket is what I came up with. I hope you enjoy it. I was a real challenge to make. It's not exact but kinda close right???? It looks beautiful on stage and under the lights!!!
  14. Hats off to Led Zeppelin are very proud to announce that from 2012 our promotion and management will be handled by Bandwagon Productions and Warren Grant. Warren’s experience in the music industry is second only to his father, the late Peter Grant, legendary manager of Led Zeppelin, who rewrote the book on band management. Having spent several years working in many areas, Warren has decided to return to music promotion and sees Hats Off To Led Zeppelin as the perfect band to return with. Not content with being Europe's best and most authentic tribute to Led Zeppelin, Hats off to Led Zeppelin have managed to go one step further and been taken under the wing of Warren Grant, son of the legendary Led Zepplein manager Peter Grant. Warren went to see the band perform last year in Bournemouth, close to his home, and was so impressed with the band he decided to approach them about joining forces. Warren said 'Hats off to you guy...keep up the outstanding work, you really did the band justice' Come and see the band on tour all over the UK and beyond. www.hatsofftoledzeppelin.co.uk April 27th De Pul, Uden, Netherlands. 28th the Rock Temple, Kerkrade, Netherlands. May Friday 11th May - Nottingham Arts Theatre Saturday 12th May - Billingham Forum Theatre Sunday 13th May - Thame, Music in the Park Festival Saturday 26th May - The Old Brewery, Faversham Thursday 31st May - Torch Theatre, Milford Haven June Saturday 9th June - Reeferstock Festival, Hebden Bridge (Headline) Saturday 16th June - General Henry’s, Littlehampton Friday 29th June - Number 8 Arts Centre, Pershore July Friday 13th July - Exmouth Pavilon Saturday 14th July - Mowlem Theatre, Swanage Sunday 15th July - Basingstoke Festival (supporting The Jam) Friday 20th July - Wyvern Theatre, Swindon August Friday 3rd August - Congress Theatre, Eastbourne Saturday 4th August - The Old Bell Hotel, Derby Sunday 5th August - The New Roscoe, Leeds Friday 10th August - Pure Bar, Basingstoke Saturday 18th August - The Stables, Milton Keynes Thursday 30th August - Regent Centre, Christchurch Friday 31st August - Quay Theatre, Sudbury September Saturday 1st September - Marrs Bar, Worcester Friday 7th September - Playhouse, Weston Super Mare Saturday 8th September - Fairfield Halls, Croydon Friday 14th September - The Roses, Tewkesbury Saturday 15th September - Roemand Festival, NL (Headline) Thursday 20th September - Towngate Theatre, Basildon Friday 21st September - Leamington, Royal Spa Centre Thursday 27th September - Byre Theatre, St Andrews (TBC) Friday 28th September - Berwick-Upon-Tweed, The Maltings Saturday 29th September - Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh October Thursday 4th October - The Castle, Wellingborough Friday 5th October - Town Hall Theatre, Hartlepool Saturday 6th October - Plowright Theatre, Scunthorpe Tuesday 9th October - Eden Court, Inverness Wednesday 10th October - Webster Theatre, Arbroath Thursday 11th October - Concert Hall, Motherwell Saturday 13th October - Hampshire OctoberFest (Headline) Thursday 18th October - Palace Theatre, Mansfield Friday 19th October - Finns, Weymouth Saturday 20th October - Jersey Opera House Thursday 25th October - The New Roscoe, Leeds Friday 26th October - Railway Venue, Bolton Saturday 27th October - Theatre Severn, Shrewsbury November Thursday 1st November - Grove Theatre, Dunstable Friday 9th November - The Garage, Swansea Saturday 10th November - Riverfront Theatre, Newport
  15. I've found a - supposedly - rare audio interview on YouTube. I've thought I make a playlist of that and share with you, but I must say, unfortunately the quality is quite bad. http://www.youtube.c...67C1DE9E0D2D181 (If someone has already sheared this before me, sorry and please delete this topic.)
  16. I wish Led Zeppelin would have played Custard Pie live because I would really be interested in seeing Robert’s mannerisms throughout the song… its all such a clever innuendo
  17. I decided to make a video for Pagey'z birthday the other day, and I know I went with the obvious choice, but even though everyone haz heard Stairway a million timez, there'z a reazon for it, and the reazon iz that it'z freakin' phenomenal! Anywho, here she blowz: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qfqiy9S5I70 GET THE LED OUT! -Ray Flanagan
  18. Hear Page & Plant’s momentous reunion show from 1995’s Glastonbury Festival on SiriusXM’s new “Live from the BBC Vault” series! TODAY, Nov 7 at 10pm ET on Classic Vinyl, SiriusXM channel 26. For more info & rebroadcast times, visit www.siriusxm.com/classicvinyl. Not a subscriber? Get a Free 7-Day Online Trial of SiriusXM at www.siriusxm.com/freetrial.
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