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  1. Who else here thinks Rival Sons-Pressure and Time is a ripoff of Out on the Tiles.
  2. In advance of the Shrine Auditorium concert, there was a short but interesting Robert Plant interview in the LA Weekly that came out today, including reminiscences about the first time he came to Los Angeles and the Kennedy Center Honors. Click on the link for the article. "This is me...how did this happen?" http://blogs.laweekly.com/westcoastsound/2013/06/robert_plant_shrine_los_angeles.php
  3. Robert Plant recently said that he has nothing to do in 2014. Do you think that if Robert was open to another reunion that Jimmy or John would be on board as well.
  4. Is there any good Youtube channel about Led Zeppelin? Like doing album reviews and stuff like that
  5. What do you think is Led Zeppelin's best rendition of a song. My personal opinion is this:
  6. Does Led Zeppelin sound best on vinyl?
  7. What year or show do you think Robert was at his vocal peak?
  8. Of the two Knebworth performances which was better? Also, which performance was on the Led Zeppelin DVD.
  9. In terms of the music produced who do you think had the best solo career post Led Zeppelin.
  10. Does anybody know where this photo of Jimmy came from.
  11. Which concert in your opinion was better: Earls Court May 24th or May 25th?
  12. Cam, Lee and Mark will be discussing Led Zeppelin on audiojunkies podcast 4/26/13. WWW.AUDIOJUNKIES.CA
  13. Billboard Chart history for Led Zeppelin. Grammy HOF = Grammy Hall Of Fame, R&R HOF = Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, RS 500 = Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Songs of All Time, RIAA = RIAA / NEA Songs of the Century http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urSCVTmxgGo
  14. I was looking for a book on Led Zeppelin to read, and during my search I found one called: "Led Zeppelin: The Oral History of the World's Greatest Rock Band" by Barney Hoskyns I was curious as to how many people on here have read this book, and what their thoughts were on it. I was also wondering if anyone knew how factual the stories in it, or if any of the band members had ever commented on it. I know Page and the others have dismissed other books in the past as crap. I will also take recommendations if anyone has other books on Zeppelin that would be worth my time to read. I appr
  15. The track listing of PG, as most fans will know, was dictated by both the songs and the fact that in those days albums had 2 sides - therefore, Album 1 Side 1 ends in IMTOD, etc. But what if you could condense PG into one super-album? What tracks would you pick to be your one-disc version of PG in the compact disc era? I'd like to share my picks to get the ball rolling, so here is my list of what I would keep on one disc to make the best album for me out of PG (and yes this may be sacrilege to some! But hey this is my thread and this is what I would like!! OK?): 1. The Rover 2
  16. UPDATE: There is a "new" Charlie Rose Led Zeppelin show out there.... They have 2 of my photos in The Charlie Rose Show (CBS/PBS) 2013 Led Zeppelin segment with a "Mark Bowman Images" credit on the images themselves, complete with 20 seconds of screen time AND a "Jimmy voiceover"... I was also properly compensated for them, thanks to the team at CBS/PBS… The producers at CBS/PBS joint venture "The Charlie Rose Show" weren't sure how the first image was accessed but wanted to make it right for me as the uncredited photographer... They added a 2nd photo, the one of all 4 of them walking
  17. As David Grohl stated Led Zeppelin “helped establish hard-rock, folk-rock, blues-rock, heavy metal, and possibly even helped influence psychedelic and punk-rock”. Of course there are other genres that Led Zeppelin has influenced, some of which would be nonexistant without Zeppelin. But what are some genres that Zeppelin hasn't really influenced?
  18. Recorded myself for the first time a little bit ago. Not sure how to feel about it. Going for the live tone. Similar to the Earls Court sound https://soundcloud.c...n/the-rain-song
  19. Hey guys!As Led Zeppelin fans that you are I´d like to share with you one of my covers. I tried to do my best on this one!and remember it is a cover!it is not perfect!Thanks to Mr.Page for this masterpiece. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJb2GiOUfxM
  20. South London-based technical production specialist Presentational Rentals (PR) supplied all technical elements for the recent London launch of rock legends’ Led Zeppelin’s “Celebration Day” movie – featuring their one-off 2007 reunion concert at London’s O2 Arena. PR supplied lighting, audio and staging for the high profile press event staged in the Ballroom of the Northumberland Hotel, just off Trafalgar Square. It was attended by the three surviving members of the band and the world’s media. PR’s Ian Coull designed the set and lighting scheme after taking a brief from the client. It fe
  21. I am a designer and I have just started doing some Led Zeppelin artwork that will include pictures of them as well as lyrics and some of their own artwork, can anyone help me with what I need to do to get permission before I think about publishing?
  22. Rock's most dangerous photographer: Jill Furmanovsky talks outfoxing Led Zeppelin and what sneaking backstage to their 1979 concert was like.Part 1 of a lens into her work. Want to find out more?
  23. I know many of you have posted on other threads about getting you tickets for the showing of Led Zeppelin's highly anticipated film of their December 10, 2007 reunion gig from London's O2 Arena. Just thought it would be a good idea to get a thread going on this. Info: Where, When and How Far Away you'll be seeing this and showtime. When you got your tickets, how much paid and how. With whom will you be attending film (if you feel like saying) Anticipation Level! Anything else! I'll be seeing it on October 17th in Milford, CT at the RAVE Cinemas. It's about a 40 minute dri
  24. These have never been published anywhere in the past 37+ years.... Thanks, Sam for archiving them!! I wish I would have had a better camera than a crappy little Kodak 110 camera with a single roll of 24 images for Houston 1975...Ahh,. the "old days" What I would have given to have had my Nikon! Time to share them - these are for DavidZoso, to add to his mighty archive....! ENJOY L.Z.F.!!
  25. Some people need to look over how they spell Led Zeppelin. I can’t count how many times I’ve seen “Lead Zepplin” in the other realms of the internet.
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