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Found 2 results

  1. The NBA blew up over the weekend. July 1 was the official start of the free agent signing period, but teams got an early jump and Sunday was crazy. So many signings...so many billions of dollars involved. And the New York Knicks left holding the bag, as usual. Their fans are furious...SELL THE TEAM is the new meme in NYC. Still waiting on Kawhi Leonard. You are going to need a flow chart to sort out all the player movements. Golden State is no longer the lock in the West. Here is a handy guide. https://www.theringer.com/nba/2019/7/1/20677370/nba-free-agency-grades-kevin-durant-jimmy-butler
  2. *Since the 2018-19 NBA season has pretty much been rendered superfluous by now. Just mail the Golden State Warriors another Larry O Brien trophy. Lebron goes to L.A. Then somehow Golden State loses Javale Magee to the Lakers and just goes out and signs another all-star, Boogie Cousins! 😮 All that's left is to find out where Kawhi Leonard is going. So much for your Pelicans, Rick. New Orleans is dead...thanks for playing. So much for competitive balance and the spirit of competition. Remember the 2000s when the Western Conference dominated the NBA championships? It looks even worse now. Toronto is probably the happiest of all, now that Lebron is out of the East. But even if Philadelphia and Boston play to expectations, the Western Conference is far superior and loaded. Golden State's starting five alone is better than any all-star team the East assembles. Curry, Klay, Durant, Green, Cousins...every starter an all-star. The Showtime Lakers of the late-80s had four all-star starters...Magic, Kareem, Worthy, Scott. But you have to go back to the 1975-76 Celtics to find a team that started an all-star at every position. It's going to take a rash of injuries to derail Golden State now. You might as well set your snooze alarm for next June. The regular season will be pointless. After Cousins gets his ring he can then leave and chase his big max contract in free agency again. If there were a living, breathing commissioner, this state of affairs would not be happening. But the inmates have taken over the asylum. The joy of competing and spirit of fair play is gone. See y'all in 2019.
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