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Found 8 results

  1. what is the best album by led zeppelin, (in your opinion) and why? my personal favorite is III, because of the acoustic masterpieces such as "that's the way" and "bron-y-aur stomp". thoughts?
  2. I know this is mostly subjective, but this study from 2008 confirms what we already know- http://bit.ly/ledzepmusicstudy ( Click on the image and use the little magnifying glass icon on the upper right to enlarge) http://bit.ly/ledzepmusicstudy2 EFDT Where's that confounded fridge?
  3. I know there's probably a lot of bootleg lists already, but I thought I'd throw my two cents on the table. I picked out what I thought were five essential boots from each touring year between 1969 and 1977, judging by sound quality versus performance and omitting anything that has been officially released (BBC Sessions, etc.). Input and comments about other shows are welcome. 1969 Jan. 5- West Hollywood, CA (Live at Whiskey A Go Go). Sound quality alone makes this a treasure. April 24- San Francisco (The Dancing Avocado). Amazing sound and playing. Jones is up front and showing off. April 27- San Francisco (Fillmore West). June 27- London (Playhouse Theater). Radio show featuring an interview. Great sound and performance. Aug. 31- Dallas, TX (International Pop Festival). Great sound. Some of their best playing from the entire year. 1970 Jan. 9- London (Royal Albert Hall). One of the top three on just about any list. Amazing sound and performance. March 7- Montreux (Casino De Montreux). Explosive show with excellent sound. March 21- Vancouver (Pure Blues/Mudslide). Decent sound with monumental performances of several songs. April 8- Raleigh, NC. Good sound with one of the best White Summer/Black Mountainside performances. Sept. 4- Inglewood, CA (Live On Blueberry Hill). Good sound with a rare Bron Y Aur performance. Very long set list. 1971 Aug 31- Orlando, FL (Orlando Magic/Florida Sunshine). Patched soundboard with thunderous drums. Sept. 4- Toronto (Maple Leaf Gardens). Patched soundboard with the best Celebration Day performance. Sept. 9- Hampton, VA. Sept. 14- Berkeley, CA (Going To California/Berkeley Daze). Sept. 29- Osaka, Japan (Festival Hall) 1972 Feb. 25- Auckland, NZ. Energetic show with decent sound. Feb. 27- Sydney, Australia (Sydney Showgrounds). June 22- San Bernadino, CA (Swing Auditorium). Oct. 2- Budokan, Japan. Oct. 9- Osaka, Japan (Festival Hall). 1973 Jan. 22- Southampton University (Any Port In A Storm). Multitracked! March 16- Vienna, Austria (Happiness Is A Warm Gun). Hands down the best playing by Page. March 23- Offenburg, Germany (It's Not Warm, It's Hot). May 13- Mobile, Alabama (Alabama Getaway). May 19- Ft. Worth, TX (Tympani For The Butter Queen). Excellent soundboard. 1975 Feb. 6- Montreal (1975 World Tour). Page playing like his old self. Feb. 12 Madison Square Garden, NY (Flying Circus/Four Blocks In The Snow) March 3- Ft. Worth (Rock Super Stars). Bonham breaks loose on this one. March 21- Seattle (Deus Ex Machina). Probably the most impressive show of the tour. May 25- Earls Court (Demand Unprecedented In The History Of Rock). Great soundboard and long set list. 1977 April 27- Cleveland, OH (Destroyer). Very balanced soundboard, good performance. May 21- Houston, TX (The Dragon Snake). Great balanced soundboard, though Page is slacking a little. June 21- Los Angeles Forum, California (Listen To This Eddie). Monumental live performance. June 25- Los Angeles Forum, California (Badgeholder's Annual Meeting). June 27- Los Angeles Forum, California (Mike The Mike). Rare acoustic Dancing Days. Edit: I'd like to change the June 27, 1977 show to June 23rd, 1977. Much better playing from Jimmy.
  4. I have searched and gone back 5 pages of live forum, no result - so me thinks this might be worthy to post... What is the BEST TSRTS live version? The Eddie one is an absolute favorite of mine for the unbeatable BEAST drum intro - but overall favorite? - not sure - in the future when they make the boot sound like your NEXT to the band, it no doubt will be (this will happen, I just hope I am here to see it!). The quality of the boot is incredibly important (clarity of soundboard or outstanding AUD recording). So - whats your ranking - lets say top 3 - TSRTS - with reason. It might be it set up a particularly EPIC show. It may be that the track standing alone is the best ever in your view. Waddayareckon?
  5. At another site great music site, I posted the question: which live show would you offer to a young person as a first must hear! I wanted to encourage a "Zeppelin newcomer" to Zeppelin. Any age with open tastes. I think I was trying to help my 10 year old (at the time) nephew, and he ignored just about everyone, including me, and went off the European deep-end and picked Hamburg 73. Now I want a top 5 live list. It should be "easy at first bite." If you lost all the other shows but these, this is the set you would listen to and share with everyone. Many familiar songs, a few rarities, and no clunkers, if Zeppelin can ever be said to clunk. Near great shows wouldn't sustain interest throughout - everything from 79/80 - Early shows might lose from a small set list - 4/27/69. Maybe a fine show is missing a key performance or obvious "classics" - why did they play WLL on 4/26/69 but not the following night? Skip the not-stellar recording - Providence 73, which I'm listening to now and never get tired of. It took time to value. Maybe a middle to later concert lacks full sustained energy from all the members of the band - does anyone like Earls Court as I do but think that no one show is a masterpiece? I want hell-dog perfection and variety. I want payback for a bad critical review or the audience not appreciating their roots in American blues. Total energy wildness - 9/29/71. The choice explains longevity. After hearing the 5, the newcomer knows why the band was honored by the President, why we're talking about them 30 plus years after death virtually ended the band. I accept imperfection if it makes it a bizarre first listen - drum and guitar solos on 6/21/77. I want Plant talking/joking/scoldiing/pumping the audience, pulling up chestnuts - Louie, Louie in June 72 - like it was their final show. From opening - each of the songs is hummin'. I want a list to explain why I burned the pot roast because I didn't want to get up, go to the kitchen and stop writing about the music! I want someone to listen to the top 5 and say, "Rock can't get better than this." Thank you.
  6. Just finished reading Barney Hoskins' oral history of LZ and was left disappointed. Not enough on the CREATION of the music and perhaps too many unsubstantiated accounts of bad behavior, especially from John Bonham. It got me thinking: what would the LZ community here consider the BEST overall book on LZ? Thanks for sharing!
  7. Ever though your LZ mp3's were best quality? Think again. ***This is NOT for everyone, only those who have the TIME, LP collections, and $$$. This is pretty complicated stuff only intended for audiophiles. If you said yes to the first question, this isn't for you. Just a kindly heads up*** Today I will show you the utmost of proper methods to obtain the absolute BEST, no-catch Led Zeppelin audio quality. Disclaimer: You will need some LP's (or a friend with some) in order to do this for the songs you want. If you aren't concerned with digital copies, plug your speaker/headphones into your record player. Inarguably, the best bitrate is of vinyl. CDs are not analogue, and thus a digital approximation and usually max out at 320 kbps. Vinyl? Can get in the 3000's. No joke. There is nothing like the sound of lossless audio. It's incredible. The format we will convert to is FLAC, (Free Lossless Audio Codec), which is compressed uncompressed, but being lossless, loses no quality. Complicated, but trust me. If you want to save a few days, find a professional nearby. Costly, but time-saving. 1. First step is to check your record player. Needs to have a USB function to connect to a computer. Something like this will do: http://bit.ly/19Vp2GF . Or, http://www.ionaudio.com/products/details/iLP within the $100 range. 2. Read these articles thoroughly. I'm not going to explain it all here as it would take pages. Again, this requires TIME. http://bit.ly/1fUv0bw AND / OR http://bit.ly/1bwKgHc .These two are what I used a few months ago for my collection. 3. Programs. I use Winamp for all of my collections, as it supports FLAC. http://www.winamp.com/ . You'll need to install this plugin after dragging/dropping your newly converted audio into the program. http://www.winamp.com/plugin/flac-plugin-with-library-support/143614 And that is it. I truly wish I could just send you all my collections so you only have to do step 3, but that constitutes some major piracy. If you have ANY questions, feel free to ask away. I will assure you though that are willing, the process is worth it. ;-)
  8. In your opinion,what is your top list for best Led Zeppelin 'live' song.(Not the song from the studio,the one they play live) Mine is this: 1.Kashmir (especially Knebworth 1979) 2.Achilles Last Stand (also Knebworth 1979) 3.Stairway To Heaven (Earl's Court 1975,Seattle 1977) 4.In The Evening (Knebworth '79) 5.Whole Lotta Love (Royal Albert hall 1970) Anyway,this is my list. If you want to post more than top 5,it is welcomed.
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