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Found 15 results

  1. Seriously? No one has bothered to wish Mr. Plant a happy birthday yet? Because I'm in the Pacific Time Zone I am used to being late to the party, so this is very surprising for me to be first to offer birthday wishes. Happy Birthday Robert Plant! Have a lovely celebration day. 🎂
  2. A while back I posted a link to my Modern Drummer transcription of Jason's performance of "Good Times Bad Times" from Celebration Day. I forgot I put together a video syncing the MIDI track I created to the Celebration Day footage, here is the video if you'd like to check it out: The video has a 100% speed MIDI drum track, a 75% speed MIDI drum track, and an overlay of the MIDI drum track onto the original audio. Also, here is the link to the transcription/MIDI files: https://www.moderndrummer.com/2013/01/jason-bonham-celebration-day-transcription/ Thanks, Eric
  3. I was listening to Celebration Day the other day, and I noticed that when they played Black Dog, my favourite track, there was no intro. It's always been Out On The Tiles (apart from when it was changed to Bring It On Home for The Song Remains The Same). Anyone know why it wasn't played?
  4. I have stumbled over a peculiar difference in the opening guitar chords of Celebration Day in the ordinary Remastered CD and a version in HD 24/96 from HDtracks. It seems like it's two different takes. The playing is not the same - furthermore the moog synthesizer sound is absent from the cd version if yoy cut directly to the track. Is it just me?
  5. Celebration Day has been nominated for a Grammy Award in the 'Best Rock Album' category, and "Kashmir" for 'Best Rock Performance': http://www.grammy.com/nominees?genre=31
  6. Watching Celebration Day DVD - again.... I notice at the end of the Dazed and Confused violin bow section with Jimmy... The green laser light pyramid rotating around him stops, stays fully lit and in place as the eerie green geometric shape it is - high above Jimmy. Odd thing is Jimmy walks out of the pyramid at that point...normally he will wait until the laser pyramid has been shut down before continuing his solo! I believe there is great significance to him walking out of the still energized laser lights. If you look closely at the part of the video where he comes out and tosses his violin bow he does it with purpose and intention. Not an accident. Some may say he was pissed because of the problems with the lasers and effects at that point but look close and you will see him deliberately stepping out of the green pyramid and tossing his bow. He never had done this in all the Zeppelin years previously...he always waited until the lasers went out to move around the stage, and he never threw his bow. Very symbolic and significant of him to do this at that point. It does have clear meaning on certain levels of ritual attainment.
  7. Hello fellow Zeps I have one of the inflatable zeppelin which you could see in all the big stores. I was wondering how much I could sell it for or if one of you was interested in it? Greetings! Hendrik p.s.: you can see the zeppelin in the attachment!
  8. Do you guys think the o2 Kashmir was the best ever? Or was it the 1979 Knebworth?
  9. Does anyone have a good photo of the ruby ring that Robert Plant wears on his left pinkie?
  10. South London-based technical production specialist Presentational Rentals (PR) supplied all technical elements for the recent London launch of rock legends’ Led Zeppelin’s “Celebration Day” movie – featuring their one-off 2007 reunion concert at London’s O2 Arena. PR supplied lighting, audio and staging for the high profile press event staged in the Ballroom of the Northumberland Hotel, just off Trafalgar Square. It was attended by the three surviving members of the band and the world’s media. PR’s Ian Coull designed the set and lighting scheme after taking a brief from the client. It featured an eye-catching three tiered stage with seven-meter-high backdrop covered in the album / DVD cover artwork, featuring a large Zeppelin airship hovering above a London cityscape pastiche in a bright orange and red sky. Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and Paul Jones sat below this and answered questions from the press following a special media screening of the two hour movie directed by production industry video guru and visionary, Dick Carruthers. The lighting for the event recreated the ambiance of the album cover, illuminating the venue’s roof in rich saturated orange. This was achieved using Robe LEDWash 600s to bathe both the ceiling and walls around the room in the ‘signature’ orange as well as a series of matching and contrasting color looks. The entrance of the Ballroom for the Celebration Day event was separated from the main presentation area by a partition wall so the backdrop was not immediately visible when press first entered, retaining a nice element of surprise. Says Ian Coull, “We were all very pleased to be involved in a prestigious event like this. Time was tight, and our design had to be flexible enough to accommodate last minute requests and alterations as things evolved in the up-to-the-minute style of all high profile press events”. The fact that PR could supply all technical elements required also resulted in a cost-effective and efficient solution for the client. Source: http://eventdesignma...on-to-celebrate
  11. Stellar review of Led Zeppelin's Celebration Day by guitarist and recording artist Brian Robbins, featured at Jambands.com: http://www.jambands.com/features/2012/11/30/led-zeppelin-s-celebration-day-why-the-duck-face-matters?1
  12. Searched around but couldn't find anything on this. Apologies if it's in the wrong forum, I figured this to be a both live/general gear thing. Just watching Kashmir and I noticed some of the bridge elements on Jimmy's LP he used in 2007. Any idea on what's actually going on here? I managed to capture the frame when the light shines right on it. It looks like the 2nd string (high A in this case) extends past the tailpiece and ends up going into some lock or nob of some sort in the body.
  13. Just saw a tweet put out by @ledzeppelin, a few minutes too late! ledzeppelin: Hear an exclusive first play of 'Kashmir' from 'Celebration Day' on BBC Radio 2 just after 11 am http://t.co/Idun57Ej @bbcradio2 #ledzep Did anyone by any chance record it? Cheers
  14. How many people here have already pre-ordered the concert DVD? And which set (since there's so many to choose from) are you ordering? I am beyond excited for this, and can't wait for it to land on my doorstep come November 19th! I ordered the 'Deluxe Edition 2 CD, 1 Blu-Ray, 1 DVD' version. I am looking forward to seeing how the show looks in Blu-Ray. November 19th can't get here fast enough. Well, same with October 17th too.
  15. I know many of you have posted on other threads about getting you tickets for the showing of Led Zeppelin's highly anticipated film of their December 10, 2007 reunion gig from London's O2 Arena. Just thought it would be a good idea to get a thread going on this. Info: Where, When and How Far Away you'll be seeing this and showtime. When you got your tickets, how much paid and how. With whom will you be attending film (if you feel like saying) Anticipation Level! Anything else! I'll be seeing it on October 17th in Milford, CT at the RAVE Cinemas. It's about a 40 minute drive Got my tix on Movietickets.com, two days ago and paid $12.50 each. There is one theater closer, but going with others makes this the right choice. There's a few of us going and one is a forum member here. Not going to reveal that person's name unless the individual want to post it here. I'm really looking forward to this and seeing it on the big screen, backed by a great movie theater sound system will be awesome, rock and be a life altering experience. October 17th can't get here soon enough!!!
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