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Found 1 result

  1. Let the scoffers scoff and the haters hate but Peter Hook's concert at the Fonda Theatre Saturday night was insanely good. Much better than it had any right to be and it proved all the naysayers wrong. If you have been on-the-fence about seeing Peter Hook, afraid he wouldn't be able to do the Joy Division/New Order songs justice, take my word for it and GO! If you are not a Joy Division or New Order fan then you probably aren't aware of the split that has arisen between Peter Hook and his former JD/NO bandmates Bernard Sumner and Stephen Morris. Bernard and Stephen are touring with their version of New Order and Hooky is touring with his band. Frankly, I don't really care who said what or to whom at this point...I just care about the music. Aside from the late Ian Curtis, the distinctive element of Joy Division wasn't Bernard or Stephen, it was Peter Hook. Hooky created a bass sound wholly his own and influenced countless bassists in the post-punk era. So if you ask me if I would rather see the original Joy Division bass player or the guitarist, my answer is easy...the bass player! 32 songs. Three hours. Moby joining for the encore. Closing the night with an extra song not listed on the setlist...JD's "Love Will Tear Us Apart". Crowd goes bonkers. I haven't danced so much at a concert in ages. My legs were jelly and my feet dead-tired at the end but it was worth it. Shots and beers afterwards with friends at The Frolic Room across the street from the Fonda. Staggered home to bed at 4 in the morning. Memorable moments from the night...after a riveting full-length version of "The Perfect Kiss", Hooky bellowed to the crowd "That's how you play 'The Perfect Kiss'!" The bouncy crowd euphoria when they played "Bizarre Love Triangle" and "True Faith". Another moment...some retard keeps holding up a Man City jersey and Peter fixes him with a look and says "You're really putting me off with that shirt, mate!" No opening band. The first set was a 7-song Joy Division set lasting about 40 minutes or so. After a short 10 minute break, they came back and performed the entire New Order albums "Low-Life" and "Brotherhood" (possibly my favourite New Order album) in sequence. Then the encore with Moby singing the first two songs, "New Dawn Fades" and "Ceremony". Then the two New Order dance classics, "True Faith" and "Temptation", and finally bringing the evening to a close with the Joy Division classic "Love Will Tear Us Apart". It was 12:30am when the show ended. Hook's deep voice actually suited the Joy Division songs pretty well...there were moments when he sounded eerily like Ian Curtis. The New Order songs were sometimes out of his range and therefore he had the guitar player help him out at times. The main thing is he played the bass like a beast. The band is Peter Hook: vocals, bass, guitar and melodica; David Potts: guitar and vocals; Jack Bates: bass; Andy Poole: keyboards, backing vocals; Paul Kehoe: drums. I will try to sort my photos out and post them. Until then, here is the setlist from the saturday November 22 show. Next up...the all-Joy Division show Tuesday night at the Roxy! "Closer" and "Unknown Pleasures" in their entirety! Again thanks to the magnificent and gracious CP.
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