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  1. What was the first song your heard from Led Zeppelin that made you a fan?
  2. Popped into Amoeba Music in Hollywood last night and noticed they had a "Led Zeppelin" original vinyl hanging on the wall, signed by all four members: Robert, Jimmy, John and John Paul. The price is $2,400…which works out to $600 a signature. Wonder how long it will be there before someone snaps it up? If you are interested, I am sure you can call up the shop or check out their website.
  3. http://rockandrollgarage.com/led-zeppelins-jimmy-page-reveals-what-he-is-doing-during-quarantine/
  4. http://rockandrollgarage.com/tony-iommi-recalls-why-john-bonham-was-fired-by-bands-before-zeppelin/
  5. http://rockandrollgarage.com/when-ritchie-blackmore-criticized-led-zeppelin-to-john-bonham/
  6. http://rockandrollgarage.com/what-jimmy-page-said-about-living-at-the-haunted-aleister-crowley-house/
  7. http://rockandrollgarage.com/robert-plant-reveals-the-strangest-led-zeppelin-covers-he-ever-heard/
  8. Just uploaded a re-edited DVD of the Earls Court shows on Guitars101. Just type "Led Zeppelin Best of Earls Court 75 DVD re-edit guitars101" into Google or PM me for a link. There's also an mp4 version if you prefer. Both DVD and mp4 versions now work great on VLC media player. All sync issues that cropped up in my first version when played on a computer should now be fixed. I've selected the best performance of each song from the 24th/25th May shows that circulate. Improvements include: - a better audio mix of the opening numbers that's more sympathetic to Plant's voice (which always took a few songs to warm up in 1975); - I've smoothed out the edits which make a complete Going to California and That's The Way; - you can finally hear the backing vocals in Tangerine which I've boosted using the night of the 18th; - no official footage from the Led Zeppelin DVD has been used - a few of the vocal flubs have been fixed so it's closer to what an official release could sound like. Enjoy!
  9. Flashback Friday. 50 Years Gone. September 4, 1970. Los Angeles, California.These are a few of the albums that were spawned on this night in Los Angeles 50 years ago. All of which I have. It is one thing for one random night of the year to generate one legendary live album. But when two concerts on the same night in the same city create two legendary live albums...one official, one unofficial...then, that is some music history. To top it all off, both bands and up jamming together at the end of the night. Fairport Convention was beginning a three-night stand at the Troubadour Club...Friday-Saturday-Sunday Sept. 4-6. They were professionally recording all three nights for a prospective live album. Sandy Denny was gone. This was the "Full House" Fairport Convention lineup of Richard Thompson, Simon Nicol, Dave Swarbrick, Dave Pegg, and Dave Mattacks. Joe Boyd and John Wood were overseeing the recording of the gig. I think they were using gear from Wally Heider Recording Studios. The tapes recorded over the three nights were used to make the "House Full: Live at the Troubadour 1970" album. Released in the UK in 1974 and in the U.S. (with a different cover and slightly different songs) in 1986. This would prove to be the only live recording of the Richard Thompson era of Fairport Convention, as he would leave the band at the end of 1970 and join forces with his wife, Linda Thompson. Meanwhile, a few miles south of the Troubadour Led Zeppelin was playing their concert at the Fabulous Forum of Inglewood. They were in the middle of their 1970 North American tour and had just become the first band to topple the Beatles from #1 in the Melody Maker Music Poll. Their new album Led Zeppelin III was still a month away from being released but they felt confident enough in the new material to play three or four new songs from the album on this tour, even though nobody in the audience had heard them before. Plus, they were still riding the jet trails of Led Zeppelin II, which had cemented and expanded their popularity by leaps and bounds. By 1970, Los Angeles had become like a second home to Led Zeppelin. This was their sixth tour to come through Southern California. They loved playing here and some of their most inspired shows happened at the Fabulous Forum and other venues in the area. Maybe the charms of Miss Pamela and her friends had something to do with that? Led Zeppelin did not professionally record this night at the Forum, apart from a soundboard from the mixing desk which has yet to see the light of day. Most likely buried deep in Jimmy Page's archives. But there were some intrepid audience members who recorded the concert secretly. One guy was known as Rubber Dubber. Another team were Ken Douglas and Dub Taylor, known as the TMOQ guys...Trademark of Quality. These were the guys who were also responsible for the Bob Dylan "Great White Wonder" and Rolling Stones "LiveR Than You'll Ever Be" bootleg albums. Rubber Dubber released his tape on double vinyl under the title "Led Zeppelin Live at the LA Forum 9-4-70".Rubber Dubber's tape is slightly better sounding than Ken & Dub's tape...both teams used portable reel-to-reel recorders at the Forum...but it is woefully incomplete. It is missing the first half hour and chunks of "Whole Lotta Love" and the encores. For this reason, it is Ken & Dub's bootleg album "Live on Blueberry Hill" that became the more famous bootleg. First released on double vinyl under the Blimp Records label, then shortly reissued under the Trademark of Quality label. Both Rubber Dubber's and the TMOQ's bootleg albums were released mere weeks after the concert and before Led Zeppelin III was even released. Which is why "Immigrant Song" was titled "From the Midnight Sun" on the bootleg...nobody knew what the song was yet. "Live on Blueberry Hill", along with the earlier Dylan and Stones bootlegs, confirmed there was a sizeable bootleg market for certain bands. The bootleg industry took off from that point. Led Zeppelin played Fats Domino's "Blueberry Hill" as the final encore. They also threw in a rare performance of "Out on the Tiles" (one of only two known in existence) and some other special treats that night at the Forum. So far, there are no less than six different audience source tapes of Led Zeppelin's concert at the Forum September 4, 1970. Each of varying length and quality, but taken together we now the complete concert available with the songs in proper order. After Led Zeppelin finished their 2 and 1/2 hour concert, they zoomed up to the Troubadour Club. If you had been standing outside of Pink's Hotdog stand on LaBrea Ave. that night around midnight you would have seen Led Zeppelin's limousines heading north up LaBrea before they turned left on Santa Monica Blvd. to the Troubadour Club. It was no secret that Led Zeppelin loved Fairport Convention. They arrived around the end of Fairport Convention's second set. Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Bonham eventually joined Fairport onstage for some songs and jams. The tapes were all rolling. "Morning Dew" and "Hey Joe" and "Mystery Train" have been mentioned as some of the songs played. Richard Thompson tried to teach Jimmy some jigs and reels. Dave Mattacks said his drums looked like they'd been through a hurricane after John Bonham got through with them. Okay, so where are the tapes to this jam session? Dave Mattacks, Robert, Jimmy, Joe Boyd, John Wood, everyone confirms the jam session at the Troubadour happened and the tapes were recording but nobody seems to know or be willing to confess where the tapes are located. I have read Joe Boyd says he has them but fears the Ghost of Peter Grant....which doesn't make sense in this day and age of youtube and internet. Peter Grant is long gone. Another time Joe Boyd mentioned the tapes were stored at Universal. Well, this could be a problem. Because a huge fire ripped through the Universal archives a few years ago. It could be those tapes were destroyed in the fire. That would be ghastly news for Fairport Convention and Led Zeppelin fans...the Troubadour tapes are one of the Holy Grails. One last note about this night of September 4, 1970...after the jam session was over, John Bonham, Dave Mattacks, and Janis Joplin drank the night away at Barney's Beanery on Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood.
  10. For Flashback Friday. Here is a flashback to 40 years ago...1980. Every March or April the Readers' Poll issue of CREEM magazine would arrive. With all of the revisionist history out there (punk rock killed Led Zeppelin's popularity, etc.) it is sometimes instructive to go back in time to contemporaneous accounts to see what the kids were really thinking back then. If I had a dollar for every old geezer who tells me they were really into Joy Division back in 1980 I would be a millionaire, haha. For space reasons I will only include the top 3 results for each category. Here now are the 1979 Readers' Poll Results as published in the March 1980 issue of CREEM. WAX TOP ALBUM OF 1979 1. In Through the Out Door - Led Zeppelin 2. Candy-O - The Cars 3. Dream Police - Cheap Trick TOP SINGLE OF 1979 1. My Sharona - The Knack 2. Let's Go - The Cars 3. Cruel to be Kind - Nick Lowe BEST R & B SINGLE OF 1979 1. Bad Girls - Donna Summer 2. You Gotta Serve Somebody - Bob Dylan 3. Sail On - Commodores BEST R & B ALBUM OF 1979 1. Bad Girls - Donna Summer 2. The Jukes - Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes 3. I Am - Earth, Wind & Fire BEST JAZZ ALBUM OF 1979 1. A Taste for Passion - Jean-Luc Ponty 2. Chicago XIII - Chicago 3. Mingus - Joni Mitchell BEST REISSUE OF 1979 1. Quadrophenia - The Who 2. The Kids Are Alright - The Who 3. The Clash - The Clash BEST NEW WAVE SINGLE OF 1979 1. Dreaming - Blondie 2. Rock Lobster - B-52's 3. I Don't Like Mondays - Boomtown Rats BEST NEW WAVE ALBUM OF 1979 1. Eat to the Beat - Blondie 2. The Clash - The Clash 3. Fear of Music - Talking Heads HOW WILL YOU FACE THE 80's? "If the Beatles get back together, I'll throw up." - Lori A. Nielsen Sterling Heights, MI FLESH AND BLOOD TOP THREE GROUPS 1. Led Zeppelin 2. Cheap Trick 3. Rolling Stones TOP THREE LIVE GROUPS 1. Cheap Trick 2. The Who 3. Led Zeppelin BEST MALE SINGER 1. Robert Plant 2. Robin Zander 3. Roger Daltry BEST FEMALE SINGER 1. Debbie Harry 2. Ann Wilson 3. Stevie Nicks BEST NEW WAVE SINGER 1. Debbie Harry 2. Elvis Costello 3. Joe Jackson BEST NEW WAVE BAND/PERFORMER 1. The Clash 2. Blondie 3. The Ramones BEST NEW GROUP 1. The Knack 2. B-52's 3. The Records HOW WILL YOU FACE THE 80's? "I won't have to. I've just discovered the concept of negative time." - Stephen Demm, Baltimore, MD BEST R & B GROUP 1. Rolling Stones 2. Earth, Wind & Fire 3. The Commodores BEST R & B SINGER 1. Mick Jagger 2. Donna Summer 3. Stevie Wonder BEST GUITARIST 1. Jimmy Page 2. Rick Nielsen 3. Mick Jones (The Clash) BEST BASSIST 1. John Entwistle 2. Tom Petersson 3. John Paul Jones BEST KEYBOARDIST 1. John Paul Jones 2. Rick Wakeman 3. Keith Emerson BEST DRUMMER 1. John Bonham 2. Bun E. Carlos 3. Neil Peart HOW WILL YOU FACE THE 80's? "Teeth clenched in the bathroom." - Joe Slate, Hollywood, CA BEST HORN PLAYER 1. Clarence Clemmons 2. Chuck Mangione 3. David Bowie BEST INSTRUMENTALIST 1. Ian Anderson 2. Brian Eno 3. Jean-Luc Ponty BEST SONGWRITER 1. Jimmy Page /Robert Plant 2. Rick Nielsen 3. Elvis Costello BEST PRODUCER 1. Jimmy Page 2. Nick Lowe 3. Roy Thomas Baker MOST VALUABLE PLAYER 1. Jimmy Page 2. Rick Nielsen 3. Pete Townshend HOW WILL YOU FACE THE 80's? "With my head up and my pants down." - Stan Rooks, Seat Pleasant, MD SUNDRY BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT 1. No Led Zeppelin tour 2. Led Zeppelin's "In Through the Out Door" 3. Sid Vicious' death RIPOFF OF THE YEAR 1. LP prices 2. Concert prices 3. Gas prices DRUG OF THE YEAR 1. Marijuana 2. Cocaine 3. Alcohol HERO/HEROINE OF THE YEAR 1. Rick Nielsen 2. Keith Richards 3. Robert Plant COMEBACK OF THE YEAR 1. Led Zeppelin 2. The Who 3. The Kinks HOW WILL YOU FACE THE 80's? "Armed and heavily sedated." - Edouard Dauphin, New York, NY WORST GROUP 1. Kiss 2. Bee Gees 3. The Knack MOST PATHETIC OF THE YEAR 1. Kiss 2. Disco 3. Bee Gees ALBUM COVER OF THE YEAR 1. "In Through the Out Door" - Led Zeppelin 2. "Dream Police" - Cheap Trick 3. "Candy-O" - The Cars ROCK CRITIC OF THE YEAR 1. Robert Christgau 2. Lester Bangs 3. Rick Johnson ROCK PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR 1. Lynn Goldsmith 2. Neal Preston 3. Bob Gruen HOW WILL YOU FACE THE 80's? "Without a job." - James Meiklejohn, Swartz Creek, MI FASHION PLATE OF THE YEAR 1. Rick Nielsen 2. Debbie Harry 3. Mick Jagger SEX OBJECT OF THE YEAR 1. Debbie Harry 2. Robin Zander 3. Loni Anderson FAD OF THE YEAR 1. Roller Disco 2. Disco 3. Drugs ROCK JOCK OF THE YEAR 1. Rod Stewart 2. Robert Plant 3. Roger Daltry HOW WILL YOU FACE THE 80's? "With whiter teeth, fresher breath, and the Ramones." - Gretchen Meyer, NYC BEST ROCK 'N' ROLL MOVIE 1. The Kids Are Alright 2. Rock 'n' Roll High School 3. Life of Brian TV SHOW OF THE YEAR 1. Saturday Night Live 2. WKRP in Cincinnati 3. Mork & Mindy COUPLE OF THE YEAR 1. Stiv Bators & Bebe Buell 2. Cher & Gene Simmons 3. Rod & Alana Stewart PUNK OF THE YEAR 1. Iggy Pop 2. Sid Vicious 3. Elvis Costello HOW WILL YOU FACE THE 80's? "Oh shit." - Connie Bennett, San Diego, CA BEST OF THE 70's BEST ALBUM OF THE 70's 1. Led Zeppelin IV 2. Born to Run - Bruce Springsteen 3. Alive - Kiss 4. Some Girls - Rolling Stones 5. Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols - Sex Pistols * 14. The Song Remains the Same - Led Zeppelin BEST SONG OF THE 70's 1. Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin 2. Rock 'n' Roll All Night - Kiss 3. Free Bird - Lynyrd Skynyrd 4. Born to Run - Bruce Springsteen 5. Won't Get Fooled Again - The Who * 13. Kashmir - Led Zeppelin BEST GROUP OF THE 70's 1. Led Zeppelin 2. Rolling Stones 3. Kiss 4. The Who 5. Sex Pistols BEST THING OF THE 70's 1. Punk/New Wave 2. Rock 'n' roll 3. Drugs 4. Sex 5. Heavy Metal
  11. Jimmy Page revealed on his instagram page that recording for the first Led Zeppelin album began September 25, 1968...51 years ago today. Studio One, Olympic Studios. He included a photo of the worksheet. So, along with July 7 having a certain symmetry in Led Zeppelin lore, so does September 25. 😮
  12. I know about a "cult" photo where Page is wearing a mage's outfit, but I've never found it anywhere. Does anyone have this image? (It's not the same suit he's wearing in TSRTS movie when playing Dazed and Confused) If somebody has, I would be greatful forever!!!
  13. I know this is mostly subjective, but this study from 2008 confirms what we already know- http://bit.ly/ledzepmusicstudy ( Click on the image and use the little magnifying glass icon on the upper right to enlarge) http://bit.ly/ledzepmusicstudy2 EFDT Where's that confounded fridge?
  14. I just bought the led zeppelin one record SD 19126 album at my local record shop i wanted to know if its a second repress and what year it came out or is it a new remasterd version of the album
  15. I was browsing thru the used cd bin at the record shop tonight and came across this little treat for only $6.99! With my $3 off coupon, that dropped it down to $3.99. I had not heard of the New Mexico soundboard being released. Neither Argentum Astrum nor the Led Zeppelin Database list the May 23, 1973 Albuquerque New Mexico show as even having a tape, soundboard or audience. It's not on any of the Soundboard lists, either. I couldn't find any info on Discogs or Collector's Reviews or even by Googling the date, title and cd matrix number. At first I thought it might be misdated or even a fake but after listening to it, it is definitely a 1973 soundboard and it is not from any of the 1973 shows I already have...Tampa, Mobile, Ft. Worth, New Orleans, San Antonio, Salt Lake, San Diego, L.A., San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, etc. Here are the particulars: The title is... Led Zeppelin Unidentified Live New Mexico, Albuquerque U.S.A. May 23RD 1973 The label credits are... Celebration © 2002 Limited Edition Original Soundboard Recording Produced by JIMMY Original Mastering at Stargroves. Artworks by Gemini Special Thanks to Mr. B and YS CD # 6060485230311 Track listing: 1. Rock and Roll (Ending) 2. Celebration Day 3. Black Dog 4. Misty Mountain Hop 5. Since I've Been Loving You 6. No Quarter Total tape length about 35 minutes. How has this slipped by unnoticed? Especially since it came out in 2002. How did all the Led Zeppelin databases miss it? Has anyone else come across this 1973 Albuquerque soundboard? Either in this form or another release? Obviously it would be great to have a more complete tape. But only $4 for a new Celebration Day (Jimmy, whether by design or accident, tries some new variations during the verses), Since I've Been Loving You (although Robert flubs the intro), and No Quarter is a steal.
  16. Just my own tribute to Zep celebrating 50 years of incredible music, magic, and mystique Hope you enjoy
  17. Hey everyone! Does anyone know which of Robert's summer North American shows have Pre-Sale? and how to get the codes for them?. I know the festival performances obviously won't have presale, but besides that, it seems like everything is coming out on sale on varying days. It's been really hard keeping track. Thanks and much appreciated. Also, How are people able to get VIP for these shows? I noticed for the tour he just wrapped up here in the USA he would do VIP right after the show ended and when I tried ask people who had the VIP wristbands how they got them, one told me they purchased it. Is this true? and how does one purchase this? Would really like to buy my kid one if he does this again for his June tour. Thanks Again for the help
  18. I dug up a misplaced box of cds last week and among them were a few Led Zeppelin bootlegs. But when I tried to find out more about them the internet provided zero information, apart from an ebay sale or two. Nothing about these Boogie Down Chillun Productions boots from Fillmore, Boston Tea Party, and Winterland in 1969 or this Top Gear boot of September 4, 1970 L.A. Forum. Nothing on Underground Uprising. Nothing on BootLedz. Nothing on ArgenteumAstrum. Nothing on Bootlegpedia. Nothing on Collectors Reviews. The cds are exactly as promised on the labels...no misdated shows or wrong song listings. But it's curious I can't find any info about the labels and what generation sources were used. Can anyone help?
  19. Feel free check out the review of Robert Plant Live at Beacon Theater, New York on February 14th, 2018 by Dawn Belotti on Metalliville Zine! Click on the link below: https://www.metallivillezine.com/robert-plant-beacon-theater-14-02-1
  20. Hi! so I'm pretty new to forums like these and this is a little embarrassing to talk about but...I'm a girl who is a HUGE Robert fan and I'm lucky enough to have good seats to see him for one of his upcoming shows for his tour for the newest album. It's my first time seeing him live. I'm just wondering what my chances are of trying to meet the guy. I really just want to thank him for being such an awesome musician. It seems that it's really hard during this current tour to see him before or after the show, I don't go to many concerts so I don't really know how these things work. Anyone mind helping me understand that? I remember reading on here where a fan met him several times around his hotel. Like... how do you even find his hotel? the guy just seems so careful about that.. That is astonishing to me. Plus I don't think i want to follow the poor man to his hotel : that's a bit creepy. If I don't get to meet him, it's fine but I just don't get how other people get to since he seems to avoid dealing with fans by the stage door..
  21. Here are some never-before-seen fan photos from Led Zeppelin's legendary Carnegie Hall (October 17, 1969) appearance. A group of 15 year-old fans captured their experience at the 8:30pm (early show) from the 10th row. They describe a lack of security, except for Carnegie Hall ushers and were free to venture up to the front of the stage for a few pics as well. Amazingly, these photos also reveal Jimmy Page's first photographed live use of his Black Beauty Les Paul during Led Zeppelin and confirms it was brought to North America for this fall 1969 tour. http://www.ledzeppelin.com/show/october-17-1969
  22. Post any interviews with Jimmy Page on the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Led Zeppelin here,thanks.
  23. First off, I just want to say thank you to everyone that has downloaded or listened to the new Listen to This Erik 6/21/77 show and submitted their thoughts on the various websites. I am completely blown away and incredibly stoked that so many people are enjoying the show. I wanted to provide a little context into how this whole recording came to be released now. This recording has been very very special to me for many years. Luckily, after listening to the original for a few months, I transferred the recording to a second tape and never played the original again until it was played by JEMS to transfer. I also made a couple of copies for my brother Dave and a couple of other friends. I did transfer it to iTunes and made a few cd’s for friends but there were probably only a dozen or so ever made. Which leads to the inevitable next question.......WHY THE HELL DID YOU WAIT SO LONG TO GET THIS OUT? By this time I had a copy (e-bay purchase) of Listen To This Eddie and knew how highly regarded it was. I just didn’t realize the demand for multiple copies of the same show. I plead ignorance on count number one! I loved the music on LTTE and especially enjoyed listening to that parts that I didn’t catch on my recording but honestly when I wanted to relive MY concert experience, I listened to my own recording. LTTE just didn’t have the same feel for ME! Please Please don’t take this as a knock on LTTE but when I hear my recording to this day (and especially with the new version) I get absolute full body chills remembering that show. I’ve never gotten that from Eddie. My brother (and helper in the taping) is the same way. I was listening to this show 30 minutes after it ended and have since heard it at least a couple of thousand times. For me, it’s a very vivid memory of what is unquestionably the greatest concert that I was ever lucky enough to be at. It has been nothing short of amazing for me to hear the new restored and mastered version of the show. I have listened to virtually nothing else since I first got a copy on Halloween. Oh yeah, back to the subject... about 4 years ago I was trying to figure out a way to post the show but I unfortunately was technically challenged back then and wasn’t sure how to. I actually threw a comment on the Led Zeppelin forum in 2013 that was recently discovered where I mentioned that I had taped the show. I was curious if there would be any response and when there wasn’t I figured there wasn’t a big demand. Mistake number 2 for those keeping score! With the 40th anniversary of the show this past year, I decided to make a YouTube video with my recording as a soundtrack and just post it on my YouTube channel. I have about 240 concert videos on there and figured this would be kind of cool to direct my friends to if wanted to hear the show. The only digital copy that I had was from my iTunes playlist which included the wrong Moby Dick. I just pasted it together and threw it on without even listening to it. I was horrified when the wrong MD was pointed out. This is is getting really long, so long story short- it was spotted by Zephead and shared on the LZ Forum. I was urged to have it copied correctly. Luckily through an amazing friend (Thank You BW!) I was able to connect with the JEMS crew. They did an absolutely amazing job with 40 year old, 120 minute cassettes. Throw in batteries near death at end of the show, etc. They were great to work with and allowed me to be involved and give input along the way. I saw a comment that said they would trust JEMS with this type of mastering job more than they would the Smithsonian. I’ve never had the Smithsonian restore my tape But... JEMS IS THE BEST! Again sooooo stoked people are enjoying this! Peace, GB P.S. For anyone still wondering why Listen to This Erik is called that, it is in tribute to my lifelong friend Erik H. He had an amazing time at the show from what people have told him. Unfortunately, his own memory is completely blank. The moral of the story children is- don’t mix chemicals (lots) and really good Thai weed at 6 p.m. the day of a Led Zeppelin show or you’ll end up like Erik- who became a real rocket scientist! I’m NOT kidding! P.P.S.- I warned you in the title it was looooong story.
  24. We're ZoSo and we're dropping in to introduce ourselves and say hi. We've been performing our tribute to Led Zeppelin since 1995, all across the US and the world. Many of you may already be familiar with us, but we thought this forum would be a good place to discuss all things Zeppelin and share our love, passion and dedication to the Greatest Band Of All Time. Our live show consists of four talented musicians, each of us a student of Led Zeppelin and our respective members that we represent on stage. We invite you to come see a show and decide for yourself what you think. Most of our fans keep coming back time and time again. Our current shows are listed at http://www.zosoontour.com/tourdates/. Check out our site, we've got videos and pics as well, so you can get a taste of what we do. Finally, our bio: Zoso - The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Experience formed in 1995 to perform the most accurate and captivating Led Zeppelin live show since the real thing. For Zoso, it's much more than just being a tribute. It's about touching a golden era in music. Zoso embodies Page, Plant, Bonham and Jones in their spirit, tightly-wound talent and authenticity. Each band member has been carefully selected to portray both the appearance and playing styles of their Led Zeppelin counterparts. In eighteen successful years of touring, they have perfected their art. As one of the longest-tenured Zeppelin tributes, Zoso's 2400 live shows around the world, including slots at major festivals such as Bonnaroo and Rib America Fest, have established them as the most traveled and successful band in the market. Zoso's live shows are not about simply playing the right notes, they are about aura and feeling, harkening back to the unique atmosphere Led Zeppelin created. It's in the way they play: Each band member's mastery of authentic vintage instruments coupled with spot-on vocals, guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards, their compelling stage persona and distinct Led Zeppelin sound, with astounding visual imagery recreates the music, magic, and mystery of a Zeppelin concert. The impact is so powerful that band members constantly hear from young rockers that they were the catalyst behind turning them into new, die-hard Zeppelin fans. Their passion, musical ability, showmanship and precise attention to detail earned them critical acclaim, name recognition, and a loyal national following. The Los Angeles Times hailed the group as being "head and shoulders above all other Zeppelin tributes," and the Chicago Sun-Timesdeclared Zoso is "the closest to the original of any tribute." If you missed Led Zeppelin live in the 70's or are looking to relive the "Hammer of the Gods" phenomenon, you must experience what the St. Petersburg Times calls "the most exacting of the Zeppelin tribute bands in existence." Zoso is: Matt Jernigan-Robert Plant; John McDaniel-Jimmy Page; Adam Sandling-John Paul Jones; Bevan Davies-John Bonham
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