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Found 8 results

  1. Nitpicking Page 9/23/1971 Budokan, Tokyo (Flying Rock Carnival) There are seemingly endless audience sources for these shows, but to keep things simple I'll be using a balance between consistency and good audio. This is mainly source 7 with some others used to fill the gaps. I'm also introducing a new rating, "A-". Whereas I used "B+" before for a performance that was near flawless but had a few small flubs, I think that still seems unfair to put it at a "B" level if everything else was top notch. So "A-" will basically be just that- a well played song with good energy that has
  2. Hi! I'd come to think that this was the poor relation of the Japan '71 dates, especially now we have the new soundboards. The quality of the sources always made it a difficult listen (with the exception of the acoustic set). However, I just found this version, which is a wonderful source that Empress Valley released a few years back called 'Love and Peace'. It seems to be the best version and yet impossible to track down, either in flac or mp3. Would anyone be able to PM me a flac link? It's incredible and finally puts this gig up there with the others. See what you think.
  3. Does anyone know where I can find the original photo used in this single release cover from the Montreux show on August 7th, 1971: I've looked everywhere but the closest I can find is this one: A link would be much appreciated!!
  4. I don’t know if this post is in the right forum (if not please let me know). I noticed an auction on eBay with for me an unseen t-shirt from Electric Magic (1971). It doesn’t look like a t-shirt from the 70s (more like 1980-90), but I have never seen it before. Could it be an original item or does anyone else have information?
  5. Selling my 1971 ticket from Nottingham boathouse , small gig only several 100 went , last ticket I saw sell in 2006 made the newspapers on eBay for £536.. Have listed my ticket on eBay and would be happy to answer any questions on here. See link for the ticket I have and photos below http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/151881025758
  6. Who can tell me when the first live performance of no quarter was???? In my collection, the first one i have is on 09.09.1971 and any concert before that, it isnt on the setlist. My collection consists of almost every single concert ever performed, give or take a few from each year, and the ones that were never bootlegged. so i am pretty sure this is the first appearence of the song, But i am not sure becuase i cant find anything on this topic anywhere, google, other forums ect....
  7. They seem to be high up there as part of the holy grails of Zeppelin boots to have. Does anyone agree? Sound-wise? Are they worth it?
  8. Pretty much what the topic says, good recording from that period(late '70 because I prefer those shows with the acoustic sets that aren't in the early ones) I have most of the available soundboard recordings so good audience ones are preferred, as a reference 1972/10/9 is what I'd consider a good audience recording from that period. So any good ones?
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