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Found 4 results

  1. Ok guys, it's been a very tutti-fruity year for us all and a very fruitful year in Music! And since the end of the world didn't happen and all of us will most likely will see the dawn of a new era\year w/e, I thought it would be interesting to know LedZeppelin.com's view on the best albums of the ending year. And although the topic is called top 10 which is a priority minimum, feel free to type in as many albums as you might want! The albums in your top shouldn't neccesserily be of a ROCK genre...Just feel free to share your views and tastes as you recap the best stuff you have heard through-out the year! So without further ado, here are my TOP 10 Albums of 2012:
  2. EMERSON LAKE & PALMER’S LIVE IN CALIFORNIA 1974 TO BE RELEASED BY SHOUT! FACTORY ON DECEMBER 11 Los Angeles, CA – Shout! Factory will release Emerson Lake & Palmer’s Live In California 1974 on CD on December 11. Recorded live on April 6, 1974, the California Jam took place at the Ontario Motor Speedway, in Ontario , CA . Live In California 1974 is the first official release of the legendary festival bootleg. Newly remastered, it includes new introductions written by Carl Palmer, Keith Emerson, and Greg Lake . The album includes performances of “Toccata,” “Lucky Man,” “Karn Evil 9,” “Pictures at an Exhibition,” and more! Carl Palmer writes in his introduction, “My memory of the California Jam is extremely vivid to this day. The scale of the festival was the biggest we had ever played. To this day it remains the biggestaudience. The colossal amount of British talent that was on this bill I have not experienced since, anywhere else in the world. This was a monumental moment in the history of ELP and will always be remembered by myself with great pride. The performance of ELP speaks for itself and I hope that ELP fans will enjoy this moment when listening to the CD as much as I enjoyed playing on that very important day. Happy listening to this historicalmoment.” Each Emerson Lake & Palmer album released by Shout! Factory has been remastered from the analog tapes using the highest sonic technology available. Live In California 1974 1. Toccata (3:45) 2. Still…You Turn Me On (3:06) 3. Lucky Man (2:54) 4. Piano Improvisations (including “Fugue” and “Little Rock Getaway”) (9:48) 5. Take A Pebble (2:39) 6. Karn Evil 9, First Impression Part 2 (9:21) 7. Karn Evil 9, Third Impression (9:58) 8. Pictures At An Exhibition (10:29) More information on ELP available at: Shoutfactorystore.com emersonlakepalmer.com keithemerson.com greglake.com carlpalmer.com
  3. I know many of you have posted on other threads about getting you tickets for the showing of Led Zeppelin's highly anticipated film of their December 10, 2007 reunion gig from London's O2 Arena. Just thought it would be a good idea to get a thread going on this. Info: Where, When and How Far Away you'll be seeing this and showtime. When you got your tickets, how much paid and how. With whom will you be attending film (if you feel like saying) Anticipation Level! Anything else! I'll be seeing it on October 17th in Milford, CT at the RAVE Cinemas. It's about a 40 minute drive Got my tix on Movietickets.com, two days ago and paid $12.50 each. There is one theater closer, but going with others makes this the right choice. There's a few of us going and one is a forum member here. Not going to reveal that person's name unless the individual want to post it here. I'm really looking forward to this and seeing it on the big screen, backed by a great movie theater sound system will be awesome, rock and be a life altering experience. October 17th can't get here soon enough!!!
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