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Found 5 results

  1. With streaming services so accessible, like many of you, I suspect, my CDs are long ago boxed up. LPs too. But we all know nothing matches the warm, rich, full sound experience that is vinyl. I thought those days were long gone. (I haven’t seen my Klipsh speakers in so long, I’m not sure I spelled it correctly) Then my wife bought me this kitschy retro Croswell turntable. (No, it’s not my old system. But it serves a purpose.) So I’ve decided to replace my old Zeppelin collection, in its entirety. (I may skip TSRTS.) I purchased my current collection in the 80s and most of those I bought used. They were in pretty bad shape even then. But I was just a kid and the songs, pops, crackles, hums, skips and all, took me places I cannot begin to describe. My question is this. What vinyl format creates the best overall listening experience? I know Page has done reissues of all titles, twice I think. (90s and ‘15?) And I know the 2015 reissues came in deluxe editions. I read some reviews of the 2015 RI of PG that were not good. But most on this forum were favorable. So, if you had the ability to start over (oh so exciting) what format? Original releases, used but NM or VG? The 2015 RIs, new? Something else? I’m less interested in the extra material and bells and whistles that come with the deluxe editions. My main interest is sound quality. I would also appreciate any advice on avoiding scammers. I’ve seen “original pressings” still in shrink wrap (seriously) for prices too good to be true. What else should I watch out for? So, thanks for helping me kick off this journey. Maybe some of you will find it fun/interesting/nostalgic to come along. I hope so.
  2. I want to share with everyone how I listen to the albums. Now with the newly released deluxe editions they are perfect. Some changed a lot some very little. I grew up flipping albums so these CD-Rs are just albums you don't have to flip. Any comments pro or con are welcome. Good Times Bad Times Babe I'm Gonna Leave You Black Mountainside (fade in, fade out) 2:06 You Shook Me Dazed and Confused ~~~~~~~ Your Time is Gonna Come (fade in, fade out) Baby Please Come Home Communication Breakdown I Can't Quit You Baby How Many More Times
  3. fell BACK in LOVE with Zep after being COMPLETELY burned out by classic rock radio, a feeling I'm sure some of you can identify with! (looking back, I don't how those DJs got through playing the great STAIRWAY a MILLION times!). dug out the (1st) Led Zep box set and fell in love again. It was like RE-DISCOVERING the band! now, I'm hungry for more! No, I want it ALL!! So my question to all my fellow Zep fans out there is: should I buy the INDIVIDUAL albums or should I save up and buy the "COMPLETE STUDIO RECORDINGS" instead? Supposedly, the individual albums have EXTRAS. Are those extras included in the COMPLETE RECORDINGS? Also, I understand that Jimmy Page COMPLETELY re-mastered the ENTIRE catalog since its INITIAL release, including since the release of the box set I currently own. How BIG is the difference? As an example, I recently heard the REMASTERED version of the Doors' debut album, and while I appreciate the CLEANED-UP sound, not sure I prefer the REMASTERED version (in which you can hear the word "high" and LIGHT MY FIRE is sped up!) Thanks for reading. Any/all comments appreciated! Rock on!
  4. I have grown to absolutely love "Physical Graffiti" so much! It's become my favorite Zeppelin album of them all. I love the sound, feel, lyrics, different sound each song provides, and so many other reasons. I've come to love less known songs (at least heard on the radio) like "Custard Pie"...."Down by the Seaside"...."In The Light" and "Boogie With Stu" to name a few. I don't want to go on forever talking about how much I love "Physical Graffiti" (trust me I could), but I do want to hear what others think about it. Favorite songs, moments, riffs, or memories regarding the album. If it's also your favorite album from Led Zeppelin, I would love to hear why as well.
  5. Ok guys, it's been a very tutti-fruity year for us all and a very fruitful year in Music! And since the end of the world didn't happen and all of us will most likely will see the dawn of a new era\year w/e, I thought it would be interesting to know LedZeppelin.com's view on the best albums of the ending year. And although the topic is called top 10 which is a priority minimum, feel free to type in as many albums as you might want! The albums in your top shouldn't neccesserily be of a ROCK genre...Just feel free to share your views and tastes as you recap the best stuff you have heard through-out the year! So without further ado, here are my TOP 10 Albums of 2012:
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