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Found 1 result

  1. There is a "Post a pic of you Pets" thread. This is somewhat in conjuntion with that, but more focused on info-please write about your pets, how many, rescue work, donations, shelter volutneer work, etc. that you are invoved in. If you are an animal lover (of dogs, cats, reptiles, etc.etc.) I'd like to hear your story. I own two Labrador Retrievers - One Yellow and one Black. I also own cats (more than the law allows) I recently built a small house in my backyard (equipped with an A/C unit/heater-insulated walls and ceramic floor) to accomodate most of my cats. Basically, I have my own "mini" animal shelter at home. My wife and I also do volunteer work occasionally at a local "no Kill" shelter within 3 miles of my house. I also feed two stray dogs and about 25 cats/kittens (in three different locations) daily. I do alot of TNR work. Which stands for Trap, Neuter, Return. Basically if an animal is considered feral or a stray and is unable to have contact with humans or in a household, I trap them-get them "fixed" to reduce the stray population and suffering and return them to the original location. Which in turn I continue to feed afterwards, unless there is a food source available. Most of the animals I encounter on a daily basis are very friendly to me, because they are used to my activity with them and in turn I have made a gradual connection. They feel comfortable-and that's a great feeling for an animal on the street to have. Please post anything of interest pertaining to your own lifestyle/story with an animal(s) Thanks-
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