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Found 2 results

  1. The upcoming release of The Complete BBC Sessions got me thinking. In 2007 Jimmy rereleases The Song Remains the Same with previously unreleased tracks like Over the Hills and Far Away (although the rerelease was still missing the organ solo / Thank You of which the organ solo is ??). Then in 2014-2015 he rereleases all the studio albums with never before heard outtakes and mixes (of which my favorite would definitely have to be 10 Ribs & All Carrot Pod Pod (Pod) from the companion disc for Presence). Now it's 2016 and Jimmy is rereleasing BBC Sessions with a companion disc. Do you see the pattern? I think we're finally going to get to hear the missing tracks from How the West was Won in good quality. The Communication Breakdown from June 25th, 1972 is my personal favorite version. I don't know if any of you guys noticed but sometime around 1970 Jimmy started playing the chorus part of Communication Breakdown a little differently. The part when Robert goes "communication breakdown, it's always the same, I'm having a nervous breakdown drive me insane" in the studio version and in all the live versions on the Led Zeppelin DVD and all the live versions on BBC Sessions (except for the sample song from the new BBC Sessions companion disc that you can buy on iTunes right now) he plays the guitar part the normal way which is basically bar chord on the fifth alternating pinky on the ninth then bar chord on the seventh alternating pinky on the eleventh (see the Led Zeppelin Mothership tab book for a more detailed description). But on other live versions for example on the June 25th, 1972 and the blueberry hill version and the earl's court 1975 version the chorus part gets changed to something I haven't entirely figured out how to play yet. Anyways, I predict that How the West was Won is going to get rereleased sometime within the decade and we're going to finally get to hear good quality versions of the missing songs like Tangerine, Communication Breakdown, Louie Louie (I'm most excited about this one), and Thank You. What do you guys think? Will How the West was Won get a rerelease with the missing songs?
  2. I swear I heard him say it on the bonus DVD of Celebration Day, just like he did on BBC Sessions!!!
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