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Found 1 result

  1. I kept waiting and waiting for someone to start a college football thread for this season...couldn't wait any longer. Welcome to the Post-BCS era folks! The BCS is dead. While there still isn't a true NCAA playoff as there is in Division II or basketball, at least this year's format is a step in the right direction. Unfortunately while the postseason is getting better, the actual state of the game is getting worse, in my opinion. I speak, of course, about the abominable scourge that I feel is swallowing up and ruining the charm of college football: These gargantuan Super Conferences. Conference alignments and old rivalries are getting all screwed up. With 14 and 16 or more team conferences, schedules are becoming unbalanced...teams don't play the same division foes. But as a long-time fan, I find it hard to resist the lure of college football. The colours, the songs, the crisp autumn air of November games...the USC Song Girls. The big game today is probably Georgia @ South Carolina. If South Carolina loses, their playoff chances are pretty much null and void. Now, as I posted in the "what's your favourite football team?" thread, USC (University of Southern California) is my team in college football. I know jabe is an Alabama man, as is Lake of Shadows, who may still be lurking about. Virginia is for the Virginia teams, natch...I think she's more Hokie than Cavalier. Rick and Walter fly the Syracuse flag. jb126 cheers for Boston College (USC @ BC tonight at 8pm EST/5pm PST!)...as perhaps does KB too? That's all I can recall...if anyone wishes to declare their team allegiance, feel free! How many college football fans do we have here on the Forum?
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