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Found 1 result

  1. So, having finally collected all of Led Zeppelin's studio albums (including "No Quarter" & "The BBC Sessions") on CD (had the full collection on cassette) I have moved on to Blue Oyster Cult. I have loved their "top 4" songs since i was a teen, but hadn't explored the group until last year at the age of 44. I cant believe I've missed so much with this group! Have collected most of their studio albums, the last two I am waiting for on order is "Secret Treaties" & "Heaven Forbid." The "Heaven Forbid" CD is aparently out of print so even a used one from a collector is running $25 - $30! My favorite albums? #1. Imaginos #2. Fire of Unknown Origin (Trivia: made to be the soundtrack to 1981's "Heavy Metal" movie!) #3. Agents of Fortune/ Spectres #4. Revolution By Night One thing I really enjoy is the band's references to Lovecraft, Other-worldly subjects and related subjects. In addition to Wikipedia, I enjoy having this BOC reference site here: http://www.hotrails.co.uk/bocfaq/faq_04.htm One interesting thing I've noticed is similarities in evolution between B.O.C. and Pink Floyd. If you listen to BOC's first two albums, they paralell early Sid Barett albums from Pink Floyd. After that both bands seem to evolve into their final form. I caught the video of Donald Roeser on "That Metal Show" saying that there's a new BOC album in the works. This one will be a studio album of many of their hits in acoustic form. If you've heard the demo version of "Dont Fear The Reaper" on the bonus tracks on "Agents of Fortune", it should be like that. I'm looking fowrward to picking it up as soon as its released. Anybody else a BOC fan?
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