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Found 15 results

  1. Figured this might be interesting since we all have different "bootleg ears". What is the worst-sounding bootleg/recording that you can still enjoy in spite of all of its flaws? The one that comes to mind for me is Seattle 6/19/72. Noisy, a bit distant, plenty of chatter around the taper, seems to be overloaded on the bass...but MAN what a performance! Although my number 1 wish is for a better recording of this show, the performance is so great that I can look past all the flaws and still enjoy the hell out of it. I have a feeling that if this were just a standard gig by 72 standards, I'd skip out on it. But the combination of all the rarities, the first performances of songs, and the incendiary performance makes this one a keeper for me!
  2. I know there's probably a lot of bootleg lists already, but I thought I'd throw my two cents on the table. I picked out what I thought were five essential boots from each touring year between 1969 and 1977, judging by sound quality versus performance and omitting anything that has been officially released (BBC Sessions, etc.). Input and comments about other shows are welcome. 1969 Jan. 5- West Hollywood, CA (Live at Whiskey A Go Go). Sound quality alone makes this a treasure. April 24- San Francisco (The Dancing Avocado). Amazing sound and playing. Jones is up front and showing off. April 27- San Francisco (Fillmore West). June 27- London (Playhouse Theater). Radio show featuring an interview. Great sound and performance. Aug. 31- Dallas, TX (International Pop Festival). Great sound. Some of their best playing from the entire year. 1970 Jan. 9- London (Royal Albert Hall). One of the top three on just about any list. Amazing sound and performance. March 7- Montreux (Casino De Montreux). Explosive show with excellent sound. March 21- Vancouver (Pure Blues/Mudslide). Decent sound with monumental performances of several songs. April 8- Raleigh, NC. Good sound with one of the best White Summer/Black Mountainside performances. Sept. 4- Inglewood, CA (Live On Blueberry Hill). Good sound with a rare Bron Y Aur performance. Very long set list. 1971 Aug 31- Orlando, FL (Orlando Magic/Florida Sunshine). Patched soundboard with thunderous drums. Sept. 4- Toronto (Maple Leaf Gardens). Patched soundboard with the best Celebration Day performance. Sept. 9- Hampton, VA. Sept. 14- Berkeley, CA (Going To California/Berkeley Daze). Sept. 29- Osaka, Japan (Festival Hall) 1972 Feb. 25- Auckland, NZ. Energetic show with decent sound. Feb. 27- Sydney, Australia (Sydney Showgrounds). June 22- San Bernadino, CA (Swing Auditorium). Oct. 2- Budokan, Japan. Oct. 9- Osaka, Japan (Festival Hall). 1973 Jan. 22- Southampton University (Any Port In A Storm). Multitracked! March 16- Vienna, Austria (Happiness Is A Warm Gun). Hands down the best playing by Page. March 23- Offenburg, Germany (It's Not Warm, It's Hot). May 13- Mobile, Alabama (Alabama Getaway). May 19- Ft. Worth, TX (Tympani For The Butter Queen). Excellent soundboard. 1975 Feb. 6- Montreal (1975 World Tour). Page playing like his old self. Feb. 12 Madison Square Garden, NY (Flying Circus/Four Blocks In The Snow) March 3- Ft. Worth (Rock Super Stars). Bonham breaks loose on this one. March 21- Seattle (Deus Ex Machina). Probably the most impressive show of the tour. May 25- Earls Court (Demand Unprecedented In The History Of Rock). Great soundboard and long set list. 1977 April 27- Cleveland, OH (Destroyer). Very balanced soundboard, good performance. May 21- Houston, TX (The Dragon Snake). Great balanced soundboard, though Page is slacking a little. June 21- Los Angeles Forum, California (Listen To This Eddie). Monumental live performance. June 25- Los Angeles Forum, California (Badgeholder's Annual Meeting). June 27- Los Angeles Forum, California (Mike The Mike). Rare acoustic Dancing Days. Edit: I'd like to change the June 27, 1977 show to June 23rd, 1977. Much better playing from Jimmy.
  3. What is the best Led Zeppelin concert recording or bootleg?
  4. Which live shows should i listen to first if i've never really gotten into bootlegs? I've only heard the TSRTS and HTWWW. Any recommendations? Anything is appreciated.
  5. So I know there's a version of Stairway where Plant says "She's buying a stairway... to hell" at the very end but I cannot find it anywhere. Can somebody help me please?
  6. I just noticed this Ebay sale and had never heard of it before. Apparently it's been around for a few years but I can't find anything online about what the contents are. Anyone here know?
  7. I've been trying to restrain the urge to collect Zep vinyl boots for a long while (I'm primarily Pink Floyd collector), but it seems like it is time to give up. Which vinyl bootlegs do you own? Would love to see pictures and recommendations of what Zep boot are out there to find.
  8. Hello my fellow zepheads, this is my first post here. What do you believe to be the best overall (performance AND sound quality) available bootleg? I've been doing some hunting to add to my collection, so I was curious as to what other diehard fans consider the most essential bootleg. Yes I know there is a lot to choose from, but if you had to choose only ONE to listen to for eternity, which show would it be?
  9. This is a really good show, and one of the best audience recordings ever! I'm pretty sure i havent seen a thread no this here but i may be wrong,I havent searched way way back for one, but i just cant recall seeing one. I listened to the show today, its been like a month since i have. And this is a really really heavy, good show! Everyone seems on fire! Bonzo is beastin out tonight, throwing in all sorts of drum adlibs in every song, Playing his BALLS out tonight! And Jonesy, His bass is nice and equal in the miz, you can hear it pretty good and if you listen o it he just plays and plays and beast out with those fingers, creating the groove for jimmy and the others. No Quarter is particularly Awesome and his playing in TU is just groovy! Jimmy is on fire tonight, Really having fun and enjoying himself. You can tell, He's just into it, really feeling the music in each song. All of His solo's are on point and really awesome! He goes insane here and there and Dazed is just out there tonight! His soloing is just out of this world! Nonstop just shredding!! And Roberts voice sound really nice for 1975! He's into it too you can tell, He really puts his heart into every song, really trying to make it awesome and he does! Not much squeeking from him tonight just straight up POWER AND HEART! No one else could do what he does! Plus they do a Rare 1975 version of SIBLY Which is really awesome!!!! Yeah this show is definitely awesome guys! You need to check it out! But anyway, What is YOUR opinion on this show???? Do you have any pictures of this show???? What bootleg do you have of the show????
  10. Led Zeppelin - 1977-04-03 - Oklahoma, The Myriad Setlist 01 Introduction 02 The Song Remains The Same 03 Sick Again 04 Nobody's Fault But Mine 05 In My Time Of Dying 06 Since I've Been Loving You 07 No Quarter 08 Ten Years Gone 09 The Battle Of Evermore 10 Going To California 11 Black Country Woman 12 Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp 13 White Summer 14 Kashmir 51 Moby Dick 16 Guitar Solo 17 Achilles Last Stand 18 Stairway To Heaven 19 Rock And Roll 20 Trampled Underfoot I think this review came from The Year Of Zeppelin website. The second show of the tour and the second concert in two years. It shows. The band is very rusty and unrehearsed, PA system problems truncated group's playing, and Jimmy plays solos in completely wrong keys in some songs! Robert's voice is fairly strong and the rhythm section seems all right in most spots, but the lack of confidence shows in the short length of No Quarter, Ten Years Gone and In My Time Of Dying. This show is also the second ever time the new Presence songs are performed live, as well as Ten Years Gone and The Battle Of Evermore. The sound quality of the audience tape from the Oklahoma show starts off mostly muffled and distant. Good at best. It is hard to determine if the muffled sound is the result of a faulty PA system or a poorly positioned recorder. The sound also brightens and dulls throughout the entire show. This may be attributed to adjustments made to the PA system. When the recording does clear up, the sound is very good. And for the most part, brighter. The instruments are well defined during these portions even though the recording is a little distant. A quieted audience lessens the distance by allowing better definition of the instrumentation. There is no noticeable tape hiss in either condition. The sound quality of tracks without notation after them fall into the very good category. The guitar solo preceding Achilles Last Stand does not include any anthems and is much shorter than later versions from this tour. Plant recalls before Stairway to Heaven the last time they were in Oklahoma (1970). The "experts" will disagree with Plant's recollection (1971 is their assertion). The word is, Its a pretty bad show, Most people give it a low rating... My opinion is that this is an AMAZING show for their 2nd one in 2 years!!! Hell yeah! I was just listening to it. I have the Bootleg Fucking T.Y. And i havent heard it in a long time. So i was Jammin to it today and it really is a good show! For the most part they dont sound to rusty at all to me! They sound damn good i think!! No quarter is great!!!! Ten Years Gone i thought was awesome! The Battle Of Evermore was fun! Kashmir is great too!!!! Achilles Last Stand, The second time ever, Is pretty good in my opinion!!! A little off here and there, But good! Anyway, i wanted to start this thread and see what people think, or maybe even change peoples opinion about this show!
  11. I, like many other i assume, have been slightly disappointed with the reissues of Zeppelin's albums. My main gripe is the missed opportunity to add remastered versions of bootlegs and outtakes like "Take Me Home" "Sugar Mama" "I Wanna Be Her Man" and many others. I know Jimmy said he wasn't adding songs that made it out on bootleg or to the public, but what a mistake! I for one would shell out money without hesitation for remastered versions of those on cd/vinyl. So my question is, would you buy an album/box set with outtakes like "Swan Song" or "Fire?" If so, let us find a way to relay the message to Jimmy himself so maybe it will get done.
  12. I've heard 3 bootlegs by Led Zeppelin recently. "Ballcrusher," "Don't Mess With Texas," and "Ottawa Sunshine." They've all been released on vinyl, and I need a question answered: does a vinyl release automatically make an album official as a bootleg? These albums are not rarely known about to trhe best of my knowledge. Also, let's talk about which Zeppelin Bootlegs we like. Personally, I likie all three of the bootlegs I've heard. They're all better than ITTOD (which I give a 70), but not as good as Physical Graffiti or The Song Remains the Same. All of these bootlegs can be found on YouTube.
  13. hello everyone, I'm newbie in this forum, and I'm glad that finally I join this forum. and i wanna ask a question that has been in my mind since a few years ago: does anybody has bootleg from earls court 23 may 1975? I've couldn't find it anywhere. I'm crazy about that date, because I've heard the other earl courts concert and makes me wonder how was the band sound from that night. especially for no quarter because I think no quarter is the highlight of the setlist in any earls court night, it sound different every night, and still awesome!! if anybody know, please tell me where can I get the bootleg, or at least give me a review about the concert performance. thank you for anyone that respond my question..
  14. Yesterday I was in a shop cause I was looking for TSRTS. I found a Led Zeppelin DVD called "The Led Zeppelin in concert". I couldn't buy it because i spent my money for TSRTS, and the only thing I remember is that SIBLY was 12 minutes long and Heartbreaker was 2 minutes long. I think it was form '72-'73, but I'm not really sure. What can you tell me about that DVD? Is it rare? Have you ever seen it? What concert is that? Tell me EVERYTHING you know! More info: http://www.inmondadori.it/The-Led-Zeppelin-The-Led-na/eai802620806765/
  15. Which concert in your opinion was better: Earls Court May 24th or May 25th?
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