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Found 1 result

  1. I recieved my Deluxe copy about a week ago in the mail from Amazon. I have anxiously watched the Blu-Ray 3 times through and listened to the CD's twice. For some reason, I am not sold on the performance yet, not completely. And being a Zep superfan/fanatic to this day, it bugs me to say that. I think personally, the hype of this show being released was greater than the output strength of the product itself. And that's just me being honest. I've always been moved by Zeppelin's music and never really got caught up in any hype or myths surrounding them. (although it does add mystery) The music was/is REAL and to this day, I can put on a certain Zep tune and it will give me "Goosebumps" The beginning intro to Achilles Last Stand does that to me. The solo in For Your Life is another one. But there are countless others. It's that magic that they created that gives the songs such life....I was really, truly hoping this DVD/CD would give me some of that same feeling or something close......Don't get me wrong, the vibes were good. It did have it's great moments in IMTOD, Trampled Underfoot (even though Robert sang like he was limited to words), Black Dog, No Quarter, Kashmir and WLL to name a few. However, I'm a little "Dazed and Confused" about the mix. In the first two songs, the bass was not nearly as present as it was for Black Dog and beyond. Ramble On, is a stand out bass track, yet it was buried. This couldn't be brought out in the mix of the release somehow? Page's guitar sounds really muddy in a few tunes, especially GTBT and TSRTS. The drop tuning might have had a little to do with that. Also, some of the edits, I felt should have been left in. For example:The improv between Robert and Jimmy during the "Let that Boy Boogie" segment of WLL is classic chemistry between them-yet those 30 seconds were cut. Also, some of the chatter/conversation directed to the audience by Robert between songs, was cut on the CD. Why? Was this a timing issue - alloted to each CD? I also think Page downplayed (in a good way) a few of the songs (solo's) not to get too caught up in things, make things too complicated, risk being to sloppy with things he may not be able to play as well any longer. (and he did break his finger a month or two earlier) In other words, he played it safe (for the most part) on some of the solo's. I believe he must realize it's not 1973. The solo on STH was just about the length of the album cut. He could have extended it, sure. But he didn't. He could have had a marathon run at it, and nobody would have complained. Good points: It was a triumph on many levels, just for them to be together and finally do it "right" after the slumps of Live-Aid and Atlantic 40th. I thought that was a success in itself. Plant's voice sounded really, really good and proved he can still sing-even if it's in a different key/register than 30 years ago, which is expected being that he is human. Jason Bonham can play the drums....even though there is NO replacing his father. Jimmy Page had a handful of "magical" moments-like the one note he holds during the intro solo of "Since I've Been Loving You" , the Theramin action of WLL or brilliance of Kashmir. JPJ is still as good as ever and it showed. For Your Life, was great musically, performed for the first time (yet Robert's vocal approach was timid in spots and limited to words , much like Trampled- lyrically, he sung to the minimum) So what are your opinions. Honest opinions, regardless of possible negativity from members because of your thoughts, whether they be good or bad-on the movie. Does anyone else feel that even though this was a triumph on many levels, that the performance left something to be desired, mix included? Thanks in advance for anything you want to add on your personal thoughts of the sound and performance of this greatly anticipated release.
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