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  1. I've been both a Zeppelin and Yes fan for the majority of my musical awareness - Yes particularly for Chris Squire's bass playing. Not to slight JPJ at all - he is truly a master at what he does. But I think most people would agree that Jones' and Squire's styles are completely different. Recently while listening to Physical Graffiti, I noticed how much air and open space that 'Kashmir' let in with JPJ's bassline being relatively subdued and quiet in the mix. I got to thinking about how Chris Squire would probably have loved to do his thing on this song since it affords plenty of room for his melodic style. So just for the hell of it (AND the fun of it), I record a bassline in the style of Squire along side the original Kashmir track. I'm certainly not claiming that this is an "improvement" - it's merely my impression based on the love and appreciation of both Zep & Squire, and entertaining myself with the notion of this possible meeting of greats. Page, Squire, and Alan White did jam together briefly as the XYZ project. Makes you wonder if they did actually jam some "familiar riffs" upon meeting. Here's my take on what that might have sounded like: Led Zeppelin - 'Chrismir' Technical notes: The main bassline is played on a 1968 Rickenbacker 4001 The Mutron Fuzz effect and the plucked harmonic parts are played on a 1979 Rick 4001SLH
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