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Found 2 results

  1. There are plenty of quality record protectors on the market. I am looking for heavy quality protectors to store the new Super Deluxe Edition box sets in. I have found information on making your own with art protector sleeves found in art supply store. This involves folding and taping the corners of oversized vinyl bags. Does anyone have a better idea or have they done this themselves. Clear, hard acrylic hard boxes would be ideal. They must be acid free, like magazine and comic book sleeves. I'm open and appreciate any suggestions. As mine are still in the shipping box they were pre-ordered in. That's where they will stay until they have all been collected. This is my first post. Please be kind.
  2. on the cover of my led zeppelin cd there is a black rectangle roughly 2 inches tall to the left of the zeppelin,does anyone know if this is a common misprint as i have never seen it before and ive always wanted to know the reason for it being there. any help,answers greatly appreciated
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