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Found 2 results

  1. Watching Celebration Day DVD - again.... I notice at the end of the Dazed and Confused violin bow section with Jimmy... The green laser light pyramid rotating around him stops, stays fully lit and in place as the eerie green geometric shape it is - high above Jimmy. Odd thing is Jimmy walks out of the pyramid at that point...normally he will wait until the laser pyramid has been shut down before continuing his solo! I believe there is great significance to him walking out of the still energized laser lights. If you look closely at the part of the video where he comes out and tosses his violin bow he does it with purpose and intention. Not an accident. Some may say he was pissed because of the problems with the lasers and effects at that point but look close and you will see him deliberately stepping out of the green pyramid and tossing his bow. He never had done this in all the Zeppelin years previously...he always waited until the lasers went out to move around the stage, and he never threw his bow. Very symbolic and significant of him to do this at that point. It does have clear meaning on certain levels of ritual attainment.
  2. Hey, guys. I just did a drum cover of Dazed and Confused. I know it's not perfect haha, but I would still like your thoughts! Can't believe I made such stupid mistakes actually... I could barely hear anything sometimes. The track was so muddy through the headphones: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uy5uag6u7kowadx/Thought%20Experiment_6.mp3?dl=0
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