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Found 1 result

  1. Maybe twenty years ago I read an interview with engineer Eddie Kramer. I think it was in Guitar Player or Guitar World. He spoke about the first playback of Dancing Days. A story we all know. But in this interview he said that once Dancing Days was played for the first time, the four members began dancing, including a moment where they were dancing in single-file in a conga line, with hands on each others’ shoulders. One-two left kick, one-two right kick. Repeat as necessary. I have searched around this site and others and have found reference to that day, but never the conga-line thing that I remember from that original interview. Example: http://www.eddiekram...n_zeppelin.html One day when I as a kid, my mom and I went to a store in Scottsdale called LaBelle’s. Back when stores had stereo departments that actually contained stereo equipment. Once we entered the store I noticed they were playing Dancing Days really loud in the stereo department. I ran full speed to the stereo area. They were really cranking it. To this day when I hear this song I think of that day. Marcel Proust would be proud. Crazy ways are evident In the way you’re wearing your clothes Sippin’ booze is precedent As the evening starts to glow It was 1978. I was fourteen. I was full-bore in the midst of my love affair with this band. At that moment I experienced this great song in its’ absolute fullness. Once I got there I stood in the middle of the department, looked up at the ceiling, and closed my eyes. God I love this band with every fiber in my being. It is possible that I imagined the conga line thing. But I feel I remember it pretty clearly. I remember the phrase "single-file." In the years since I have had deep obsessions about other bands: The Pixies, Tool, Rush, Jane’s Addiction, Radiohead, DJ Shadow, Nine Inch Nails, and others. But in this entire time there was never any other scenario about any other band that I love where I would gladly give five years off my life to have been there to witness. There are other moments in Zeppelin lore that I would have loved to see. Meeting Elvis. The orchestration of Kashmir (still can’t believe no one could help with that recent thread). Watching John create the drum track for When The Levee Breaks. Watching Page record the solos to Heartbreaker or Communication Breakdown. Watching JPJ lay down the bass line to The Rover. 6/21/77. Etc. I love Dancing Days. It’s cool if they just danced around in joy once they heard the first playback. But the conga line thing just kills me. I can see it in my mind’s eye and it fills me with the deepest joy. I would easily give five years off my life to have seen that. Perhaps there is an event in the history of this great band that is so irresistable that you would give five years off your life to have been there, too.
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