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Found 1 result

  1. OMG! My wife and I just got back from the David Letterman Show appearance that featured Jimmy Page tonight...... It was fantastic!! Not just one segment, but two full segments - with Jimmy telling a few stories....he curated several photos from his new book with David Letterman making his own commentary.... Some of the commentary was just absolutely hilarious....a very respectful crowd for Jimmy and very enthusiastic.... The staff at the Letterman Show certainly were treating Jimmy's appearance as special and very rare...... Both JP and David Letterman were in great form..... David's commentary was interesting and funny and he showed Jimmy much respect in general...... They promoted both the book AND the two Super Deluxe Reissues (LZ IV and Houses of the Holy) and showed closeups of some very cool photos from the book.... The Letterman staff were very generous with us, taking great care of us and putting my wife and I on the 2nd row of the balcony with an unobstructed view.... They were great to us.....! There were several times where I was laughing so hard at some of the commentary between Dave and Jimmy - they just had a very cool chemistry tonight and it was really fun to be here and experience it.... So proud for Mr. Page.....he deserves every bit of this acclaim.... Check it out tonight - well worth your time...... Just a brilliant segment.......!! Thought you all would want to know how it turned out..... All the best! Mark & Charley Bowman
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