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Found 8 results

  1. here's my solo. sorry for messing up/improvising on some parts. i added a little something at the end
  2. How does Jimmy play the harmonic portion towards the beginning of his bow solo during this concert? This is the part immediately preceding the slapback echo portion. He appears to start with a 12th-fret harmonic and then pull-offs beginning at higher frets, making a really fascinating, unexplainable sound. I'm guessing the sound results from a combination of cranked tube amp harmonics, and help from his tape delay and room echo. Has anyone recreated this sound? I've never even heard Page do it again in any other concerts.
  3. Guest

    Dazed and Confused lyrics

    The verses in dazed and confused changed a lot so here are all the renditions: Dazed and Confused Lyrics Led Zeppelin I: 1. Been dazed and confused for so long it's not true wanted a woman never bargained for you lots of people talking few of them know soul of a woman was created below 2. You hurt and abuse telling all of your lies run round sweet baby lord how they hypnotize sweet little baby I don't know where you been gonna love you baby here I come again 3. Every day I work so hard bringing home my hard earned pay try to love you baby but you push me away don't
  4. Does anybody have a guitar tab for the riff at 23:00? It's a really cool riff.
  5. Again, we all know that this was the precursor to the song Achilles Last Stand (my favorite BTW), but does anybody know when was the first time this was played live as a medley in Dazed and Confused. Did this song just form from an improvisation?
  6. Surprised no-one has mentioned this: http://law.justia.co...04789/476306/27 Court has dismissed the Jake Holmes lawsuit against Jimmy Page.
  7. Yeah, so, I was listening to "Dazed and Confused" on How the West Was Won, and I'm pretty sure I heard Plant yell "Push! Push! Push! Push!" and then after a climactic guitar solo yell "Child birth!". Did anyone else hear this? Any thoughts?
  8. Stellar review of Led Zeppelin's Celebration Day by guitarist and recording artist Brian Robbins, featured at Jambands.com: http://www.jambands.com/features/2012/11/30/led-zeppelin-s-celebration-day-why-the-duck-face-matters?1
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