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Found 2 results

  1. Since people have been talking about already receiving their Led Zeppelin remastered sets, I guess it is time to set up separate threads for us to discuss each album's merits and our thoughts and reviews on the music, the bonus tracks, the remastering job, the packaging, all the bells and whistles...pro and con. This is the Led Zeppelin III thread. Let me be clear...this is for your reaction to the actual product. Not what you heard on youtube or third-hand from a friend's phone. Also, no press reviews please...there is already a thread for those in the news section. This thread is for us fans on the Forum to discuss the remastered Led Zeppelin III sets once we receive them and have listened to them...hopefully on a good-quality sound system.
  2. Can someone explain what a reference mix is? I read on quora that it's a song/mix that you know sounds good so you can compare against the song you're currently mixing, but I don't understand how that definition fits with the LZ deluxe companion audio tracks.
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