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Found 1 result

  1. As the preseason kicks off on August 9th, less than a month away, I figured it was time to get the thread started for this year. I've been away from the board for awhile so I don't know if you did it last year but here are the rules anyway. Pick the winner of all regular season games on a week by week basis. Picks must be submitted before the game(s) start. If a game ties it doesn't count as either a win or a loss by the poster. Unless you picked them to tie, but who's going to do that? Highest percentage of accurate picks wins the seasons. However, you must guess at least 3/4 of the games for the overall season or it doesn't count. No punishment for missing a week here or there and no reward for having one great week and then quitting till the end. That's all. If anybody wants to do preseason picks we can go ahead and start but they won't count towards the end of the year score. Also, just for kicks, let's pick the 12 playoffs teams to see who gets the most right. Post pre-season Superbowl picks too if you want.
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