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Found 3 results

  1. the amazing "BLAST OFF" part of the solo in "IN THE EVENING" sO unique,original,perfect for the song! Id like to hear some feedback on it: -what musicians thought of it first X hearing it -Page & Plant tour= someX's PAGE did play that part ,it was hard live ,however somewhere on Utube i DID see him "pull it off" live! One X in particular LIVE he REALLY NAILED IT! can someone share THAT link? or any other versions audio or video ?
  2. Hello To complete the collection I'm missing the 'ITTOD', 'CODA' and 'BBC' boxes. As you know, here in Argentina it's very difficult to get the boxes, even ordering them by import is quite complicated. There is a seller on an online sales page that has 'ITTOD' and 'CODA' in this condition. All the other boxes I have came with the perfect sticker, it's just that these ones, it seems like water fell into the box or something, what do you think? did you get any box like that? Besides, they're a good price within what you can get here.
  3. The remastered In Through the Out Door sounds so much better than previous versions. I think this album is Jimmy's best achievement in the latest series of reissues. Listen to all of JPJ's keyboard work, but particularly the opening of South Bound Suarez. The piano sounds so much clearer and crisper. All My Love is a sonic masterpiece when played even on the headphones that come with the iPhone; it is a beautiful song, Jimmy's lovely acoustic guitar is much more prominent, and the swirling keyboard work of JPJ is truly magnificent. I must admit that I am a bit biased about this album. It was ITTOD that made me a Led Zeppelin fan back when it was released in 1979 when I was 18 years old. Like all children of the 70's, I was very familiar with side one of Led Zeppelin IV and loved it - but this album got me hooked permanently. It is difficult to describe what a breakthrough it was, entering the charts at number one during the depths of the awful disco era. There are fans and critics who slam the album for not having enough hard rock and offering unabashedly pop tracks like Fool in the Rain, All My Love, and Hot Dog (which many fans hate, but I love as a terrific tribute to rockabilly). For us back in 1979, however, the pounding percussion of Bonzo made each track a Zeppelin track, something no disco band could ever do. The album package is very cool too - the color change when you apply a wet sponge, and the six different covers depicting a man reading a "Dear John" letter in a dive bar from six different vantage points.
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