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Found 2 results

  1. While in a state of alcoholic meditation on the mountain sides of Lookout Mtn in days gone by, a friend of mine had a profound (or not) observation about our band. He claimed that John Paul Jones was the "sandpaper" that smoothed the edges of Plant and Page. He explained this as the reason Clarksdale failed as a commercial success and the NQ album made minimal waves. I doubt his observation can be applied to their solo careers as Jimmy's Outrider and Firm were successful, as well as Roberts highly successful solo career. But when they try to get together, the "alchemy" and magic is not quite there. I can see his point there. To make gunpowder explode efficiently, you need Sulphur, carbon and an oxidizer in the proper amounts (not minimalizing Bonzo here). Any more or less you get a fizzle or smoke. So I ask you fellow meditators, was it a mistake to leave Jonsey from the mix in the 90's? Or was that explosiveness never the objective of their projects? Charlie Jones is a good base player, but when it comes to that magic mix, there's nobody like Jonsey.
  2. Hi ! We can say it, Led Zeppelin was an awesome live band .. most of the time .. but sometimes thing just doesn't work right. It can be interesting to see some fail moments they did. And sorry if I make mistake I'm french Well it wasn't Led zeppelin but for Robert Plant, I think of the Live AID in 1985 when he totally stop Page in his solo on Stairway to Heaven, maybe it's the fault of one of the drummer who start the fast beat but Plant heard this repeated lick thousands of time so he knew it's wasn't the end of the solo. Link to the video : https://youtu.be/CBk-iRihSUg?t=8m25s For Jimmy Page,it's definitely the solo of Ten Years Gone at Oakland in 1977, That's just horrible : https://youtu.be/Ha11bkQGPsk?t=3m49s I can't really think of anything really bad about Bonham and even less about John Paul Jones. Maybe you have some fail to post ?
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