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Found 5 results

  1. While in a state of alcoholic meditation on the mountain sides of Lookout Mtn in days gone by, a friend of mine had a profound (or not) observation about our band. He claimed that John Paul Jones was the "sandpaper" that smoothed the edges of Plant and Page. He explained this as the reason Clarksdale failed as a commercial success and the NQ album made minimal waves. I doubt his observation can be applied to their solo careers as Jimmy's Outrider and Firm were successful, as well as Roberts highly successful solo career. But when they try to get together, the "alchemy" and magic is
  2. Hi ! We can say it, Led Zeppelin was an awesome live band .. most of the time .. but sometimes thing just doesn't work right. It can be interesting to see some fail moments they did. And sorry if I make mistake I'm french Well it wasn't Led zeppelin but for Robert Plant, I think of the Live AID in 1985 when he totally stop Page in his solo on Stairway to Heaven, maybe it's the fault of one of the drummer who start the fast beat but Plant heard this repeated lick thousands of time so he knew it's wasn't the end of the solo. Link to the video : https://youtu.be/CBk-iRihSUg?t=8m25s
  3. I'm a pretty new fan of the band, but I think it's a disgrace that John Paul Jones doesn't have a national honour from the UK. Plant and Page have a CBE and OBE, respectively (although Page's was for charity work). Now that he's a Kennedy Center Honoree (which I frankly think is the highest American recognition one can get for services to the arts), I think it's pretty clear to everyone in the industry that he's given his life to music. Is anyone willing to submit/help submit a UK nomination for JPJ? Or reach out for letters of support for an application (someone he's worked/is working
  4. Hi all, I've been getting into transcribing some of JPJ's solo stuff recently, the guy is my absolute hero on the bass and figured it was about time someone deciphered his solo stuff - so here's my interpretation on his groovy, improvised solo on 'Bass N Drums' taken from Zooma... figured this, a Zep forum, would be as good a place as any to share it! Planning on putting a few more up in the future too. Hope you enjoy and feel free to share it wherever if it does indeed tickle your fancy?! Check it out, let me know what ye reckons... Big love to JPJ. Cheers, S.
  5. I need more pictures of this bass: I'm making a replica, but 10 pictures isn't enough. I need closeups. I know you guys have pictures, I just know it. Want to help me out?
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