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Found 1 result

  1. Hi to all, Not wishing to resurrect the thread with the embarrassing spelling mistake in the title, my studies of Jimmy's techniques continue. Been working hard on the solos. So far have Stairway almost up to full speed, I can do all the phrasing but still looking for that 'perfect' run on it, some day soon I hope. Whole Lotta Love, known it for a while Working on Black Dog, about 2/3rds through it so hope to have it going at half speed within the next few days as the remaining bits are easier than the middle! I want to learn at least 10 solos so I really get an insight into JImmy's solo techniques (The three above have far more in common with each other than I ever would have guessed without taking the time to learn them, so I feel I'm getting plenty out of the effort I'm putting in). I think I have to do NFBM - mostly 'cos I just learnt all the riffs and the rhythm parts because I couldn't get the song out of my head one afternoon! So that leaves 6 more solos. Would love some suggestions of the 'essential' Page solos to learn that also function to give a good insight to his lead techniques and structure. So the list so far Stairway - almost there WLL - up to speed BD - work in progress NFBM - next on my 'to do' list Six more please!
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