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Found 7 results

  1. Newbie here! If someone could tell me which show this photo was taken or what tour exactly ? (would be super rad) i'm not sure if it's from 73 or 72, and if someone adds more photos from this show i would gladly appreciate it.
  2. Does anyone know what clothes Jimmy is wearing during the 69 outfit? Particularly his low hanging jacket. Where might I be able to find something similar to this.
  3. Ok so with little else to go on regarding Jimmy's plans to either tour, record, re-mix, etc with some sort of band, I'd like to start a New Topic called "In Theory"... To start off: In Theory a Jimmy Page and Lenny Kravitz Band would work on every level. Why not! Lenny has so many upsides to joining forces with Page that it's almost a no-brainer. He can sing with soul and blues, he can rock, and he can play serious guitar (which helps big time with Zeppelin"s more complex arrangements). Lenny has street-cred, knows the Zep catalog well, would have Robert's full support, and can provide a back-up band right off the get-go. Although David Ghrol is still panting at the "Page Band" door...how great would that be!! Anyway - "In Theory" a Jimmy Page - Lenny Kravitz Band would work on every level. Yes? No? Any other "In Theory" thoughts please post! After-all - we still have nothing but conjecture to go on anyway, may as well have some fun in the meantime...
  4. http://www.guitarworld.com/poll-greatest-guitarist-all-time-round-5-jimmy-page-vs-brian-may
  5. I know it´s a silly question, but I always read that Jimmy referred to Charlotte as "my lady" and I was wondering how do people know this and where did they hear it or read it? Also, Charlotte got sick in 1977, does someone know exactly what happened to her?
  6. 1. Will you spend a week with me? 2. Why didn't you go to Karac's funeral?
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