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Found 6 results

  1. The People's Front Of Zeppelin is a new YouTube channel devoted to playing covers of Zep's music, instrumentally (for now, until we find a great singer). Most of our cover videos are inspired by Zep's live style performances, but will also be posting studio versions as well. Please subscribe to our channel and follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Oh...and we are NOT the Zeppelin People's Front! 😏 Here is a link.... Hope you dig what we are about! If so, please spread the word!
  2. Can anybody tell me any rare bootlegs? Please no popular bootlegs like Listen to This Eddie, Destroyer, For Bager Holders Only, etc. Thanks!
  3. I found this never seen Led Zeppelin live vinyl bootleg the other day and put it on hold while I searched for whether it was worth getting. The label is BB and it is a single white vinyl in clear plastic packaging with album titles and credits printed in blue. Unfortunately, the internet hasn't been much help. There is nothing about it on several Led Zeppelin databases that I use. Not even Argenteum Astrum. The album says it is from January 9, 1969 at the Fillmore West. But, from all accounts that I have been able to access, the only song in circulation from 1.9.69 is "Train Kept A Rollin'".
  4. I thought it was horrible. Jimmy and Robert were both doing well on their solo careers. But that was auful.
  5. I don't know how many people have seen this video, or if this has been posted before, but I thought this was a cool video. It warmed my heart to see Jason give his father the fitting tribute he deserves. The part from 3:46-3:53 is funny, cool, and heartwarming all at the same time. That particular part seemed like Jason's way of saying, "Yep. That was my Dad. He was/is the best. I can't touch him here, so why even try." R.I.P. John Bonham
  6. So I'm at the record store picking up a Christmas present for a friend, and possibly getting a sneak peek at the "Celebration Day" vinyl...when I discover THIS in the Led Zeppelin vinyl section! Led Zeppelin "Before the West Was Won: Live at the Fillmore West". I'm thinking it's just another bootleg until I turn it over and see the official Swan Song logo! It is from the Jan. 11, 1969 Fillmore West show and appears to be from the German Swan Song office. Is this legit or just a really well-made pirate? Is Led Zeppelin finally making some of their shows available in limited form? Here are th
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