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Found 7 results

  1. The purpose of this thread is to chronicle the various events that Jimmy heads to, and all of the Jimmy Page sightings and events that perhaps don't warrant their own thread. Feel free to contribute! Any updates on what's been going on, along with photos and videos, are very welcome. Also, let's make sure that we respect Jimmy's privacy, so no discussion of his addresses or family.
  2. Hello all, I will be visiting the United Kingdom this May. I want to take advantage of the trip and find places to visit that have significance in relation to Led Zeppelin. Whether it be venues they have played, places they have lived, or museums. Please let me know!
  3. I was in a band called Superfuzz at the time - a 3 piece stoner/blues rock band from Southampton England. Our singer/guitarist Ed decided he'd try to educate us with some Rival Sons, and bought all three of us tickets to go up and see them at the Electric Ballroom in Camden, London for late 2012. An up and coming 3-piece called Pint-Sized Hero opened on the night with some aggressive, straight-edged pop/blues rock and seemed great with the large Sons crowd. The next band on was a 5, maybe 6 piece electro/psychadelic T-Rex style band named Odyssey or something like that... either way, they played an even better set; much more to my tastes. Finally the evening pushed forward to about 9:10pm and the lights started to dim around the large ballroom, and the voices began to simmer down gradually as it got darker. Me, Ed, and our bassist Tristan all motioned ourselves closer to the stage as we wanted to see these rockstars up close and personal... we wanted to feel in the presence of greatness, though we got more greatness than we expected! There was only one rail in use to bar off the stage and that was near where we were stood on the right side of the stage, facing out. To our left there was a backstage entrance/exit, which was barred off by some rails, which created a pathway to some stairs left of us as well, and these stairs led up to a tiny platform which we were stood right next to, so the backstage exit must have been no more than 8 or 9 feet from us at this point. Rival Sons finally made their entrance and instantly i could feel the presence and charisma of Jay Buchanan (Vocals) and Scott Holliday (Guitar). They all kicked off with Keep On Swinging off of their then newly released album Head Down. I remember distinctly throughout the first 20 minutes or so of their set that the backstage door was frequently being opened and closed, noticing their drum techs and unfamiliar faces looking out at the large crowd. Nothing prepared me for what happened about 40 minutes in though, as they began playing Jordan, the backstage door was opened vaguely, I couldn't help but be distracted by this door, and I felt like the only idiot in the room not paying attention to the awesomeness being produced from on stage, but then I suddenly saw two sort of large looking men in suits with stern looks on their faces walking out in single file and towards where we were stood next to the rail guarding off the backstage entrance. This is when people started to notice what was going. As the two guys got closer I could see multiple other heads bobbing up and down behind them, all following in single file down this narrowly created exit towards the small platform besides us. Apart from the two tall men I could see coming towards me, I could just about count three other heads behind them. The other two guys at the end seemed quite tall and built as well, but the head I could see sandwiched between the four men had grey hair, and this made extremely curious indeed. The grey hair also appeared to have a ponytail that I recognised. As they finally got close enough that they walked by me, I stood suddenly for a moment in shock, and for what felt like an entire life time, and as the awesomely loud rock segued into what seemed like low frequency ambience, and unbelievably my friends didn't notice, but the man I was staring at was none other than Jimmy Page! I tapped furiously on Ed's arm and screamed in his ear, "That's Jimmy PAGE!! It's JIMMY PAGE!!" pointing wildly at him as if I could be considered a threat at any moment to the legend himself. All three of us turned our heads slowly, 90 degrees to our left and gazed up slightly and there he was surrounded by his masculine entourage watching the Rival Sons gig with the gaze of a master overlooking his pupils, discerning of everything else, but the music he was seeing and hearing. Although this story most likely pales in comparison to a lot of other Jimmy Page stories on here, you'd have to consider that I was stood no less than maybe 3 feet from the man for the duration of about 20 minutes of Rival Son's set. And all 20 of those minutes I could not concentrate, and I kept looking over to check if what I was seeing was really real, or an illusion. Crazy thoughts and ideas came into my head, but nothing practical. One young girl was let through the rails to go up and get Jimmy Page's autograph, and I swear in that moment, I had a brief fleeting thought, "I could slap you and steal your autograph".
  4. Robert Plant, Van Morrison, more for London Royal Albert Hall Bluesfest Robert Plant, Bobby Womack and Van Morrison have been announced for a four-day blues-inspired festival at London's Royal Albert Hall. Other artists to play Bluesfest 2013 from Tuesday, October 29 to Friday, November 1 include Gregory Porter, Tedeschi Trucks Band, Mavis Staples and Chris Rea. Festival director Leo Green said: "I am thrilled that Bluesfest London 2013 lineup includes some true icons of Blues & Soul, as well as some of the greatest artists the following generations have to offer. "We look forward to welcoming you all to the Royal Albert Hall for a superb BluesFest London 2013." Tickets for the third Bluesfest go on sale this Friday, July 19 at 9am and are priced from £30 for headline shows, with daytime stroller tickets available for £10. In addition to performances in the main hall, events will take place in other rooms around the venue during the day, including intimate sessions from James Hunter, Marcus Bonfanti, Georgie Fame, Huey Morgan, Dr Feelgood and others. Journalist David Hepworth will also conduct a series of "in conversation with..." events. An all-star lineup will perform on Friday in honour of the late Bobby Bland. The full lineup is as follows: Tuesday, October 29 1pm: Ray Gelato Giants, Oli Brown Band, Matt Schofield Band, Smoove & Turrell, Nate James 6.15pm: Tedeschi Trucks Band & Special Guest Mavis Staples & Her Band 10.30pm: Bobby Womack Wednesday, October 30 1pm: James Hunter Six, Dr Feelgood, Marcus Bonfanti Band, Jo Harman, Natalie Williams, Lianne Carroll 6.45pm: Van Morrison 10pm: PM Show: Gregory Porter & His Band Thursday, October 31 1pm: Royal Southern Brotherhood, Georgie Fame, Ian Seigal, Ben Poole, World Party 6.45pm: Chris Rea 10pm: Robert Plant Presents Sensational Space Shifters Friday, November 1 1pm: Huey Morgan & The New Yorkers, Cerys Matthews, Nell Brydon, The Motives feat Matt Taylor, Jess Roberts 6.45pm: All Star Tribute to Bobby Bland SOURCE: Digital Spy - http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/music/news/a498672/robert-plant-van-morrison-more-for-london-royal-albert-hall-bluesfest.html
  5. All-female Led Zeppelin tribute band 'Lez Zeppelin' played at The Garage in Islington last night. Jimmy Page turned up to watch them play, and stuck around afterwards to meet some of the other bands there that night.
  6. Anybody going to these dates? They're to promote his new album (his first in 13 years I think). He's also playing the Royal Festival Hall, where Jimmy Page joined him on stage for Same Old Rock in 2011.
  7. I know many of you have posted on other threads about getting you tickets for the showing of Led Zeppelin's highly anticipated film of their December 10, 2007 reunion gig from London's O2 Arena. Just thought it would be a good idea to get a thread going on this. Info: Where, When and How Far Away you'll be seeing this and showtime. When you got your tickets, how much paid and how. With whom will you be attending film (if you feel like saying) Anticipation Level! Anything else! I'll be seeing it on October 17th in Milford, CT at the RAVE Cinemas. It's about a 40 minute drive Got my tix on Movietickets.com, two days ago and paid $12.50 each. There is one theater closer, but going with others makes this the right choice. There's a few of us going and one is a forum member here. Not going to reveal that person's name unless the individual want to post it here. I'm really looking forward to this and seeing it on the big screen, backed by a great movie theater sound system will be awesome, rock and be a life altering experience. October 17th can't get here soon enough!!!
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