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Found 1 result

  1. This is the best fantasy game there is. I will say I am addicted. At the time of this post I have Barcelona in soccer and the are up 2-0 to get me back on a Streak. I have had 3 7 game Streaks go up in flames this week. My personal best was last month and was 15. Now you may be saying, that is no big deal. But go ahead and try it. ITS FREE!!!!!!! But you can only have one entry per household. So you cannot create one for your wife and cat. It is difficult because they put difficult games on. All sports you can imagine are on. I have learned much about Soccer since I started. Soccer, tennis, football, baseball, hockey, basketball, both NBA and NCAA and women's, Cricket and even the Oscars were on. Golf too for you golf lovers. Any sport you can think of. I would say there are maybe 4-5 sure things a month. One was whether the Groundhog would predict more winter ahead. Of course. The percentage's can be misleading so do not let that be the sole reason you take a "prop" as they are called. There is a forum for each event. Some are real beauties but the mods do not take any crap and will delete posts and suspend you if you get out of control. If you go with the high percentage, you are referred to as a "Sheep", going with the flock. If you go with the lower percentage, you are a Wolf. It is fun, addicting, and you can win real money if you are good and lucky. To win the million you must attain a streak of 40!!!! Yes 40. But the highest wins $30,000 and there are prizes for most wins and if you get to 10 you are put in a drawing with 100 contestants for points that you can use to get merchandise. Great game. I highly recommend it. And while you are on Led Zepp.com, you can have your cell phone with the app and when a game/prop is finished it will go off telling you if you won or lost. You put in your next pick, if you like something and proceed with your day. I hope some of you join and if you do please tell me.
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