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  1. This was the next to last ever show played by the original band in the United States. It was played at the Alameda County Coliseum in Oakland, California as a two day event. It was put on by Bill Graham as his 'Day on the Green' yearly shows. It was the first time in a very long time that Led Zeppelin actually had opening acts: Derringer and Judas Priest. Robert Plant and John Bonham knew the members if Judas Priest personally as they were also from Birmingham, England. Derringer was a band that Rick Derringer had and it included drummer Vinny Appice who would go on to play with Black Sabbath. This is very good show and one that is unique in that the music really had to speak for itself as it was played outdoors during the day with hardly any lights, no dry ice and no lasers. The stage was dressed up to look like Stonehenge with a big sun positioned behind Bonzo's drums. This was the last time that Jimmy Page would wear his famous Black Dragon suit on stage. It was also the show where Robert Plant wore the famous 'Nurses do it Better' t-shirt. There was no drum solo played at this show but they did have the rare for this tour -'Black Dog' played as a second encore. There are some really cool pics for this show and the next day's show. I also have several I didn't use intially for this that I will add soon. Enjoy. Video footage: Setlist: The Song Remains The Same Sick Again Nobody's Fault But Mine Over the Hills and Far Away Since I've Been Loving You No Quarter Ten Years Gone The Battle of Evermore Going to California Black Country Woman Bron-Y-Aur Stomp Trampled Underfoot White Summer ~ Black Mountainside Kashmir Guitar solo Achilles Last Stand Stairway to Heaven Encores: Whole Lotta Love ~ Rock and Roll Black Dog Peter Grant, Bill Graham, Jimmy Page and John Bonham walking to the stage to start the show. Jimmy Page and John Bonham walking to the stage to start the show. Guitar Army The Song Remains the Same The Song Remains the Same The Song Remains the Same The Song Remains the Same The Song Remains the Same
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