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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I was wondering what would be a good amplifier for the album "presence"? More particularly tracks like For Your Life, Candy Store Rock and Nobody's Fault but MIne.
  2. Hello. It has often been stated by historians and fans alike that Mr. Page only used his famous "Dragon" 1959 Rosewood Neck Telecaster, aided along with Sola Sound MKII Tonebender (modified with three OC81Ds by the legendary Roger Mayer) and a 1690T Surpo Corando Amplifier (modded from a 2x12 to a 1x12 by a roadie) for the FIRST 2 LED ZEPPELIN STUDIO ALBUMS. My ears do not agree with such statements. Page acquired a 1958 Gibson Les Paul from Joe Walsh during late April of 1969, since his "Dragon" Telecaster supposedly malfunctioned. So naturally, we would assume here that: "Case closed: Page
  3. You heard me. I am not at all assuming I am the ONLY one who has deep respect for Presence (I KNOW that I am not), but over the years I have been astounded by the wide-spread hate for this record. Yes, the album was recorded during a tense time in the band's history. Yes, there was a complete lack of keyboards and acoustic guitar (aside from the fabled 'lost' acoustic dub) And yes, it had less 'variety' than their previous albums. (I may have missed a few points, but forgive me) BUT SERIOUSLY? They intentionally wrote the album in a particular style (harder-hitting - aiming bac
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