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Found 6 results

  1. I've been wanting to learn more and more about studio engineering, mixing, and recording techniques, and have had multiple questions pop up in my head over these past weeks. One I've had in mind was, how was reverb implemented to Led Zeppelin's studio tracks? It was never really just one studio for them. For their first album, I figure it's just an echo chamber or plate reverb system at Olympic Studios, where it was recorded, but pretty much every album after has confused me, especially the albums following Led Zeppelin II. Plenty of their recordings were recorded inside the rolling stones mob
  2. Hello, I'm a new member and this is my first time posting. I have been following the forum for quite some time and decided to finally join. Here recently I have been scavenging looking for any info on Jimmy Page's guitars. There is obviously info to go around about his Les Paul(s), Tele, Dano, etc. There is even a substantial amount of info on the Harmony Sovereign and the J-200 that he borrowed for Led Zeppelin I. It is known that Jimmy used a Fender XII for Stairway to Heaven in the Studio as well as When The Levee Breaks. However, there is hardly any info regarding his acoustic 12
  3. Hello. It has often been stated by historians and fans alike that Mr. Page only used his famous "Dragon" 1959 Rosewood Neck Telecaster, aided along with Sola Sound MKII Tonebender (modified with three OC81Ds by the legendary Roger Mayer) and a 1690T Surpo Corando Amplifier (modded from a 2x12 to a 1x12 by a roadie) for the FIRST 2 LED ZEPPELIN STUDIO ALBUMS. My ears do not agree with such statements. Page acquired a 1958 Gibson Les Paul from Joe Walsh during late April of 1969, since his "Dragon" Telecaster supposedly malfunctioned. So naturally, we would assume here that: "Case closed: Page
  4. Anyone else finding that they don't listen to their Zeppelin studio albums anymore? I grew up on the studio work and even remember waiting for the release of a new one. Which turned out to be ITTO. Much as I loved them, I was never completely satisfied. I rarely listened to a whole "polished" album start to finish. And I probably won't again. Now with all the great live work, I think I know why. I can't wait each evening to listen to live performances, no matter the quality (almost). The only time I hear studio is on my car radio now. Maybe it's because we have over 500 hours of concerts
  5. So the reissues project is over, along with the companion disc audio project (which I was very impressed with for the most part), and now all of us are scratching our heads wondering: "What now?" Jimmy leads us to believe that he will go on tour alone, with his own band (without a singer). I'm guessing this will sort of be like a Jeff Beck thing. If so, then that's definitely something to be excited about, but another question does cross my mind quite frequently. What's left in the vaults? Supposedly a lot of good material. Here is what Jimmy (obviously) has left in the vaults, for example:
  6. Have yet to see much about this song on here so decided to see what you all think. My personal favorite is HTWWW, if anyone knows of any other great performances of this song please list. Thanks!
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