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Found 1 result

  1. This was another of the magical nights from the six night stand at the Forum in Los Angeles. The other being of course the first night -June 21, 1977. But there was several things that made this show very unique. The first being that during The Song Remains the Same- Jimmy' guitar strap come undone and as you can see in the one pic- his guitar tech-(Raymond Thomas) is trying to get it back on but is not in time to do the normal segue to the next song-Sick Again. So we have a pause between the two songs- the only time this happend on the whole tour. Now I have a photo on here that is supposed to be from this night and they are clearly playing Sick Again. But our very own Strider was at this show and he says that they couldn't get the guitar strap fixed so Jimmy got another axe- which would have been one of the Les Pauls. I also have a pic of Jimmy still wearing shades and the white scarf and I had postd it as being Nobody's Fault but Mine but it could also be Sick Again. I do know I have seen him playing the Les Paul in a pic from I think Baton Rouge and he still has the sun glasses and scarf on as well, so that one would be Nobody's Fault but Mine for sure. The playing at this show is just fantastic- this has to be my favorite version of No Quarter ever and I really like some of the versions from earlier in the tour with Nutcracker added but this one is top notch for me. One of the other things that is different and considered a mistake/trainwreck by most people- But I think is cool. During Kashmir in the break down section. Jimmy and John Paul Jones get lost but eventually make their way out of it. The true Tight but Looseness indeed. This same thing happend at a few other shows- the ones I can think of off hand is New York 6-7-77(more towards the end) and Zurich 6-29-80. One of the real special things is the appearance of Keith Moon playing with Bonzo during Moby Dick and then coming back for the encore of Whole Lotta Love and Rock and Roll. This would be the last time he would be on a stage live in the US because of his untimely death. I love when he is talking into the mic and says : I will be back later in the year with my backing group haha. He would only play 2 more live shows with the Who and they were both recorded and filmed for the Kids are Alright. The first being in Kilburn Dec 1977 and the last at Shepperton studios in May 1978. The other unique thing about this show is that a female fan by the name of -Irene Rumbaugh- made a black jacket for Jimmy Page and then sent it to the general manager- I am guessing the manager for the Forum as she doesn't say Peter Grant and with it a letter that says she would be at the show on June 23, 1977. Well her dreams came true as Jimmy came out during the encore and wore the jacket she made. Truly Superb. Then of course this was the true Badgeholder show. Video footage link: http://www.ledzeppel...lm-w-keith-moon Setlist: The Song Remains The Same Sick Again Nobody's Fault But Mine Over the Hills and Far Away Since I've Been Loving You No Quarter Ten Years Gone The Battle of Evermore Going to California Black Country Woman Bron-Y-Aur Stomp White Summer ~ Black Mountainside Kashmir Trampled Underfoot Moby Dick- with Keith Moon Guitar solo Achilles Last Stand Stairway to Heaven Encore: Whole Lotta Love ~ Rock and Roll- with Keith Moon The Song Remains the Same The Song Remains the Same Welcome to Three hours of Lunacy. ( Jimmy's strap comes off the Doubleneck and Raymond Thomas is trying to hook it back on-it causes them to delay the start of next song-Sick Again. The only time on the whole tour where there was a pause between the two songs) Sick Again-( this is supposed to be from this show but Strider says he switched axes after the guitar strap snafu above) Sick or Nobody's Fault but Mine ( I just love this pic-Ultimate Coolness) Over the Hills and Far Away No Quarter No Quarter
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