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Found 1 result

  1. If anyone has any to add that I am forgetting by all means do so. I will list the crime and on a scale of 0-10 of my opinion and yours of the ability to ever solve the crime, with 10 being the best chance of solving it and 0 of course meaning no chance. Jack the Ripper (perhaps the most famous of the oldies in modern history) 0 (the trail is mighty cold) The Black Dahlia ( many TV shows on this and they believe that its one of two doctors) 3 (DNA is the key) Jon Bonet Ramsey ( so strange and so botched) 7 The Zodiac murders (he certainly could still be alive? And he could prove its him) 6 The Tylenol Murders (one of the very strange ones, the trail gets colder) 4 The double initial murders (right here in Rochester in the 70s-three young girls) C W M (the double initials of the victims) 6 The Kennedy Assasination ( we know Oswald is guilty. But was there more involved?) If he wanted to be famous he would have simply walked out the front door holding the gun. Oswald did not want to get caught Jimmy Hoffa (there have to be more than one that know the truth. The question is, are they still alive?) 7( it could take a death bed confession like some of the others) TWA flight 800 is it a crime? Many believe so. 8 The Mystery of the Marie Celeste this too appears to have been a crime. 2 If you can think of any more, be my guest
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