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Found 13 results

  1. *****NOTE: I am new to this forum; I am NOT new to anything Led Zeppelin. Please, I ask you to ignore the first part of that sentence, and consider the second. Appreciated. ****** ***The Song Remains the Same Complete Re-EDIT On Way! *** [Note]: Individual evaluation only, not a means of piracy; this will NOT be distributed in any such way; again, my individual evaluations I've always preferred original TSRTS footage, be it a bootleg or 8mm. However, the actual viewing experience is rather limited by the subpar quality even terrible for 1970's cinematics. Honestly, the "film" portions of the film (I know, that sounds redundant, whatever) are pretty ugly. When one compares the close-up concert sequences re-filmed, the viewing experience becomes exhilarating. Add original panoramas of the actual crowd; the experience is timeless. And, of course, 1920 X 1080 resolution is absolutely stunning. The producers made their best intentions to create the best viewing experience possible during the time. The only reason I bring this thought up is because of a project I am working on to re-edit TSRTS (film) as close to original setlist as possible, while still retaining an apex entertainment factor. The fan-edition looks great, but I wish to make it even better. The plans are as follows: 1. Rip 2007 Blu-Ray release as a main video reference for best consumer-attainable quality as of 2013 2. Integrate my FLAC vinyl rips as much as possible to cover the abridged / shortened scene performances and restore original song length. 3. Somehow attain the best quality original footage / bootlegs. This includes the abandoned gaps in Black Dog, The Song Remains the Same, The Rain Song, etc. 4. The whole point of #3 is to eliminate psychedelic/fantasy sequences limiting attention on the band itself. The problem really arises from point no. 3; attaining footage to fill the gaps. I have some, but not enough. If anyone knows where to access the originals in best quality, that would be a great help! Plans for release are late December/early January 2013/2014, though this is extremely tentative and subject to change. ***This is for experimentation purposes only and NOT for personal gain, resale, or profit or mass-release and or reproduction; only individual evaluation.*** If any of you are of interest, please don't hesitate to inform me as soon as possible! Thank you for your support. -A/S
  2. Hi there! I've been out for a long time. Hope you're all fine. Well, I just wanted to let you know that I've just finished one of the hardest projects: a more faithful replica of that pendant considering there's not a single sharp photo of it. If someone here wants one, I give 10% off saying that found me via this forum. It's handmade under request and is an exclusive fine piece. Ps.Thank you and if I could not post here sorry! http://mystikdragon.com
  3. Hi guys, i made a cover of the guitar solo to stairway to heaven from the song remains the same dvd. Let me know what you think.
  4. Out of curiosity, if you guys had the ability to hear live performances of the instrumentals from TSRTS with Robert Plant singing the original melodies with his pre-73/late-72 vocal range, would you be interested? Primarily on songs like "Rock And Roll," "Black Dog," "Over The Hills And Far Away," "Stairway To Heaven," "Heartbreaker," and "Whole Lotta Love." Or do you prefer the augmented melodies that Plant sings with his more limited vocal range? I feel like TSRTS would be an infinitely more interesting and energetic show if Plant had still been capable of hitting the original melodies (while still ad-libbing in the same fashion that he was known for in their live performances). In my opinion, "Over The Hills And Far Away" died the day Plant lost his ability to sing the original melody, no matter how amazing the instrumentation. I just want to get a good feel for the consensus out there. Do you like the augmented vocal melodies? Or do you wish Plant were still able to hit those soaring high notes and sing the original melodies for those performances (and all subsequent tours as well)?
  5. Does anybody have a tab for Dazed and Confused? All I want is 5:50 - 12:27 , the San Francisco part with the violin bow part.
  6. Could anyone help me with this part? From 1:58:33 to 1:59:02 Thanks in advance.
  7. It's known it was filmed because (along with other outtakes from TSRTS) snippets were included in the Travelling Riverside Blues promo. But, how much was filmed? Where is the footage now? Will we ever see it? Will it be released in the upcoming box sets? Here are all the clips (horribly distracting graphic effects included): http://youtu.be/ZzPsn0QTs9U
  8. Again, we all know that this was the precursor to the song Achilles Last Stand (my favorite BTW), but does anybody know when was the first time this was played live as a medley in Dazed and Confused. Did this song just form from an improvisation?
  9. As listed on LZ's website, this is the official setlist over the course of three nights: Rock and Roll, Celebration Day, (Bring It On Home intro) Black Dog, Over the Hills and Far Away, Misty Mountain Hop, Since I've Been Loving You, No Quarter, The Song Remains the Same, Rain Song, Dazed and Confused (incl. San Francisco), Stairway to Heaven, Moby Dick, Heartbreaker, Whole Lotta Love (incl. Let That Boy Boogie), The Ocean. When do the clips stop/end for the particular night? Meaning; July 27:1, 2, 3, 4, 5 / July 28: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 / July 29: 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 in accurate order if what is listed isn't verbatim. -and- Is "The Ocean" really the last track? I was under the initial impression "Whole Lotta Love" was. However, after reviewing the 2007 Blu-Ray release extras, it seems to indeed cease with concluding bows and what not. After "WLL", Plant simply says, "New York, good night." and walks off nonchalantly. I'm under the dogma that Plant said that in the same clip as the Ocean, of which, only was decided to be used in the final cut of the film. What do you guys think? I do appreciate your opinions and contributions. ^A/S
  10. I have an inkling that the extended solo played by Jimmy Page in Stairway To Heaven from The Song Remains The Same film, might be a combination of the three solos that Jimmy first composed for the Stairway To Heaven in the studio. Is this possible?
  11. What do you think is Led Zeppelin's best rendition of a song. My personal opinion is this:
  12. Many of you who have been following the "who is" thread in the Master Forum will know that Virginia Parker, who played the fair maiden Robert saves in The Song Remains the Same, popped by to introduce herself to us die hard Zep fans. Many of you might also know that after her modeling career ended Virginia was a journalist for over 20 years and in 2001 became a fine art painter. When she introduced herself to us, Virginia provided links to her websites which display her artwork. I took the opportunity to visit the websites and was absolutely blown away by what I saw. Her artwork is absolutely stunning. I immediately contacted her and asked whether she would be interested in doing a commission for me. There was one catch. I wanted the commission to have a Zeppelin theme. My initial idea was for her to paint a portrait of herself as she looked in the film, but she advised that she is not really a portraitist and although she had done some portraiture in the past it was more experimental than anything else. She recommended that if I want to proceed, we do a still life of various objects relating to the film or Led Zeppelin in general. This sounded like a great idea to me. So we agreed to proceed. We decided that we would take an approach where the finished product would not scream Led Zeppelin, but would be dripping with hints and clues and obvious to those "in the know". Over the next few days and weeks she quizzed me about all things Zeppelin. She had me tell her why I became interested in the band and about what kept me interested. She also went out and reserved library books about the band and began reading everything she could find on the internet. By now I bet she could give many of you a run for your money in her knowledge of the band! She also set out to do as much research about me as possible, reading my posts on this site and later looking at my facebook page. I was and continue to be blown away by the amount of research and dedication Virginia has displayed throughout this project. As I confessed to Virginia, when I first contacted her, I really just wanted to have a painting done by the beautiful maiden from TSRTS. I liked her artwork and thought it would be a neat piece to own. Win/win. Very quickly in the process I forgot that Virginia was ever involved with the movie. As the idea morphed from a kitschy portrait (my suggestion) to a very personalized piece of art (her vision), it became irrelevant to me that Virginia had been in the film. I realized that she would have been the right person to paint this regardless. It was nice, however that she too had a personal connection to this painting given her appearence in the film. It was neat to get to watch her revisit her past as we planned out the painting. In fact, it was in looking for props for the painting that she (quite accidentally) discovered her receipt from the TSRTS film job which she posted in the “who is” thread. She ultimately came up with a list of items that would go in the still life and started to source them. "I think I have a lead on a sword" she told me, and she would scour eBay for other items. She asked for a copy of my O2 ticket stub and set out to find (and did find) a fur like that which Plant wore in the film (though I don't think the fur made the final cut). Also, in a nod to my original idea, she decided she would paint a small portrait of herself hanging in the background over top of the Knight of Swords Tarot card. She built a set (pictured below) and arranged and rearranged and rearranged the props taking photographs until they looked just right. Then she toned the canvas and gridded it and started drawing: Whole Canvas - Tarot card depicted to show size Closeup of her portrait and Knight of Swords Tarot card. Then the painting started: The picture above is where we are today. Virginia advises that things will slow down now as she starts to work on the more detailed items. She is hoping to have the painting complete by the end of the year. I will post updates here from time to time. This will give you all something to follow (now that the countdown is over) while you wait for Celebration Day to be released in theatres! PS: While Virginia usually listens to country music when she paints, for this painting she has been listening to Zep on shuffle! She has become a big fan of the BBC Sessions...
  13. Hi there, I'm selling a pendant inspired on the mysterious one Page wore at the Madison Square shows circa 1974 and seen in TSRTS movie. It can be purchased directly from me (PM me) or at eBay or Etsy. Ebay: http://www.ebay.com/...6#ht_500wt_1413 Etsy: https://www.etsy.com...emains-the-same It's handmade in rhodinated sterling silver* (925) with a natural blue topaz. Note that the locket bail (part where chain holds it) is different. This can be changed by request, but I preferred this shape for a better "fine jewel look". Weight: 5,79 pennyweights Size: 44 mm long X 50 mm wide I will ship item EMS** via Brazilian Postal Service. Usually,takes a week to be delivered depending on the destination. Please, before buying contact me to confirm if your country can be delivered. Any further questions? Write me! * It won't tarnish. ** I know EMS is expensive,but it's the fastest and safer way to ship worldwide from here. I don't trust another shipping way but FEDEX,UPS or DHL but these are even more expensive! Sorry. PS. Item will be cast only after payment. It may take up to 10 business days because it's a handmade piece. I will ship as fast as possible when pendant is done. BTW. I'm a Led Zeppelin fan since a young boy and not a professional seller but if it's not allowed to add personal handmade items here, sorry! Let me know and I delete the topic. Thank you so much.
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