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Found 24 results

  1. Hi, I have used this time while in lockdown to feed my love of everything Led Zeppelin. Thought some of you may enjoy some of these collaborations I have completed while in lockdown with fellow musicians from around the world. We also have more to come so if you would like to subscribe to my channel please do. kind regards
  2. http://www.stltoday.com/news/archives/whole-lotta-love-in-led-zeppelin-fans-made-front-page/article_f717916c-a430-58b2-89fe-a31c76ca31ef.html
  3. what is the best album by led zeppelin, (in your opinion) and why? my personal favorite is III, because of the acoustic masterpieces such as "that's the way" and "bron-y-aur stomp". thoughts?
  4. I found this sorting the Attic out. I remember being so proud the Band i worshipped we’re finally being heralded in a “Posh” Sunday Paper. The Oberver no less. (2nd Headline down...See pic) Although by this time they were at their juggernaut pomp with their fans, Parents of such would never have heard of them! The clever marketing catch phrase “bigger than the Beatles” (& not untrue!) got them real recognition outside Rock Circles.
  5. Hi all, Just wanted to know if there are any other known recordings of 'Hello Mary Lou' that Zep covered live in concert, besides HTWWW version during Whole Lotta Love? That version kicks hard and is an awesome example of the guys firing on all cylinders!
  6. Sharing a little video teaser of The Violution's cover of "Stairway to Heaven" with only electric violin, bass and drums. Enjoy (FYI No guitars were used in the recording of this track.) www.theviolution.com
  7. These are pics that I hold the negatives for from the Chicago Stadium shows on July 6 and 7 1973. I don't remember the name of the guy that gave them to me but he handed me an envelope with the developed prints and negatives sometime around 1983. He knew I was a Zep nut and he said " you can have these". I don't think he actually took them because he would have been too young at the time of the concert , as he was about my age. Maybe an older family member or friend of his took them. Lost in the mists of time. These shows were notorious for being wild, especially July 6 ( rowdy ass crowd) and
  8. I dont know if it's normal when you get an Led Zeppelin paperbag with the Physical Graffiti vinyl. I just bought it at my local record store and I got the vinyl in that awesome paper bag!
  9. Hey Brother and Sister Zep-heads - I'd like to take the opportunity to let you know about my new book, Here's To My Sweet Satan: How the Occult Haunted Music, Movies, and Pop Culture 1966-1980, just released in print and e-book from Quill Driver Books. Here's To My Sweet Satan is an entertaining and informative social history of the occult boom of the 1960s and 70s, covering everything and everyone from The Exorcist and The Omen to the Bermuda Triangle, Anton LaVey, Charles Manson and Count Chocula. And yes, it contains plenty of analysis of the (real or imagined) occult influences on t
  10. So some genius on the internet told me Motörhead, is as good as band as Zeppelin. I told him Motörhead, was so so. But, he kept going. Told me I didn't know music because I wouldn't expand my horizons. He also said Motörhead, invented or helped too. Some genre of metal. I said Zeppelin helped invent metal (he said he knew that I doubt it) But, he also kept insisting that Lemmy, had a voice in the same discussion with Plant. Now I don't necessarily dislike Motörhead, when I hear Lemmy I hear a poor mans Robert Plant IMO. Than he tryed arguing albums sold of course Zeppelin wins. Also I argued M
  11. https://db.tt/CFBui4r7 I know there are quite a few out there who can't stand listening to drum covers, but as Led Zeppelin fans, I emplore you to consider listening to mine. Tonight I jumped into the studio with my engineer friend Ovidiu (he's Romanian, I'm English. Hi!) and I decided to do a few covers; Locked Out Of Heaven, In My Life, to name a few. Almost knackered out at this point, I decided to take on the mightiest of songs, Achilles Last Stand as I knew conquering that would ensure my right of passage as a man, and a drummer - And I tried to pay homage to my hero justly. First take wa
  12. The man was a BORN leader and he applied those inborn skills to his instrument of choice and lead the band extremely well. As much as Jimmy Page is thought of as the leader, and of course they were all equals in what they did together, I saw Jimmy Page as more of sculptor, an advisor, and a poet. To me John Bonham was the man of action - his stamp of authority can be heard on each of the songs. To call Led Zeppelin a guitarist's band is only partly true. This was/is a musician's band, but in reality it is pure drum porn. My opinion is most likely based upon fantasy... what are your opinio
  13. It's not for educational purposes as I already understand/know all the tricks. It's purely for entertainment purposes. Often or not, I'll be on YouTube trying to find good, solid, grooving drummers, but rarely see any taking on a Zeppelin cover - which to me, would be porn. A lot of the time, I find bad covers. I can't find one decent drum cover of Wearing and Tearing, and unfortunately don't have the equipment or facilities to make my own videos yet. So are there any gems out there that you think I may have missed? PS. Most drummers on here are going to be Bonham-inspired, so if you catch
  14. In your opinion,what is your top list for best Led Zeppelin 'live' song.(Not the song from the studio,the one they play live) Mine is this: 1.Kashmir (especially Knebworth 1979) 2.Achilles Last Stand (also Knebworth 1979) 3.Stairway To Heaven (Earl's Court 1975,Seattle 1977) 4.In The Evening (Knebworth '79) 5.Whole Lotta Love (Royal Albert hall 1970) Anyway,this is my list. If you want to post more than top 5,it is welcomed.
  15. Hello fellow Zeps I have one of the inflatable zeppelin which you could see in all the big stores. I was wondering how much I could sell it for or if one of you was interested in it? Greetings! Hendrik p.s.: you can see the zeppelin in the attachment!
  16. Just posted a blog post about Page's infamous 'we could've been named The Vegetables' quote: http://rockandrollnerd.wordpress.com/2013/04/11/the-vegetables/ Let me know what you think. Thanks! -Ed
  17. I think the variety of responses to this continual discussion makes for some quite dynamic conversation. Here are some of my thoughts. As we can already assume, the chances of this happening are close to zero. Jimmy has shown some enthusiasm towards the idea, putting most of the pressure on Plant. Robert has already told us, and shown us, the path he's taking in a different direction and the toll age is having on him. Jonesy and J. Bonham would surely be up to it, but I think this is about more than ability. Assuming a few shows were played, each would slowly devalue the impact of the 20
  18. When Jimmy Page was recording the guitar solo for Stairway to Heaven, there were three takes, one of which is the one on the album. Does anyone know where I can find audio of the other two solos? It would be interesting to hear how the the solo evolved. Also, any other Stairway to Heaven rehearsals or outtakes would be appreciated.
  19. Today 29 August 2012 popular game show Who Wants to be a Millionaire asks question to television NEWS ANCHORS (television news hosts) playing for charity all over 40 years of age that you would think a news anchor would know. The question was basically which classic album did a man change his name to that had these songs: Ramble On, and Whole Lot of Love: The answer choices were: Led Zeppelin II, a Stones album, a David Bowie album and Abbey Road. The question went unanswered. Where were these NEWS ANCHORS all their lives?
  20. Hy everybody! It's great to have found this forum, I want to find out so much more about Led Zeppelin, I'm sure I'll spend quite some time here. The band really transformed the consciousness of my parents and their generation back in the 80s when they had to hide to listen to the vinyls. Here's a little something, a kind of tribute to the greats:
  21. There is a great project in eastern Europe with this very title. The band is in the process of getting the rights to publish the album. It's different than anything else, it's not covers of the songs, nor necessary just a tribute, it's practically zepp re-interpreted and re-written for special instruments. You can watch this here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0MvpBZlNaM . If it is as interesting as I see it, we would like to have one of the zepps give us a sign (you have my email) for a proposal. Best regards, Mihai
  22. Artist George Hardie recently paid a visit to a private school in Portugal, the Escola Superior de Artes e Design. He was there for some talks with students, this took place a few days ago on the 14th of December. Today, an interview with Hardie appears on the Publico newspaper. There is a question journalist Ines Barreto de Faria asks, it's about his cover of Led Zeppelin's 1969 self titled album. With some help from online translation tools I transcribe Hardie's words here, for the complete article I'm also providing the link to Publico's site. Q: But your first serious job was t
  23. Shazam gave me this title after tagging a song from my local radio station. I've looked everywhere for these segments but it only seems to be relevant to Shazam. My guess is either a mislabel or some super rare recording lol. Supposedly these segments were released on Rhino and these are NOT the BBC Radio 1 recordings. If anyone could help me tracks these down, I would appreciate it greatly!! thanks
  24. My best friend's birthday is coming up in November. He's a very good person. He donates his time to help students stay in school and he works very hard to protect the planet. His passion is everything that involves Led Zeppelin. He's probably never gone to a concert because he's made a lot of sacrifices in his life to help his family who raised him to be a light in this world. (He's even more of a good person than this.) Post your videos online wishing him a happy birthday (for example, Happy Birthday, Rudy.) and post your links here so I can send it to him via e-mail or something. If y
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