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Found 3 results

  1. Hi! Does anyone know who this is on the Physical Graffiti cover? Tried looking everywhere but couldn't find anything. Thanks!
  2. Robert Plant's lullaby album with a seashell on the cover, anybody know its significance? Very curious..... any ideas at all ?anyone?
  3. Hey Zepheads. I have been creating my own album covers and things for different bands and artists mainly for kicks for years. Led Zeppelin is a band with great iconography, very visual bands with their album covers we love to stare at, etc. and it all compelled me to make some Zeppelin covers and desktop wallpapers of my own. Enjoy! This is the front and back cover to a compilation of my favorite Zeppelin songs I made, in the spirit of the Houses of the Holy artwork, featuring both Giants Causeway and Dunluce Castle (The ruined castle in the HOTH gatefold). I had actually made this cover from a desktop wallpaper I had made a while back and shared here years ago. Here are the covers and the wallpaper both: Front and back covers of a compilation I made of my favorite Zeppelin song I named The Ocean: Way back in 1996, when I was 16 almost 17, my mom was going on a trip to England and Wales and originally it looked like I was gonna tag along and I made a Zeppelin tape made up of some songs that would fit the mood as I was looking at the lovely English and Welsh countryside. I named the tape Bron-Yr-Aur. Unfortunately mom decided to go on her own and I was disappointed though looking back I’m glad she went. Anyway, a few years ago I decided to recreate that tape with a cover featuring a simple photograph of the cottage on the cover (I didn’t add anything, no text, Zeppelin-style) and made the back cover from a photo I found of an acoustic guitar on the green ground. Not much work done by me unlike The Ocean above but hey, here it is: Here are the front and back covers to a best of Zeppelin compilation I made just yesterday: In this thread soon I will be sharing some covers of live bootlegs I made myself. No back cover for this yet but here’s the cover first one, for Montreux 1971: And to end this long post (I apologize for the size of these images), here is a desktop wallpaper I made the other day that I also used for my banner in my signature below. I really liked how this turned out: Lemme know what you think.
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