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Found 2 results

  1. what is the best album by led zeppelin, (in your opinion) and why? my personal favorite is III, because of the acoustic masterpieces such as "that's the way" and "bron-y-aur stomp". thoughts?
  2. Hey all, I got the Complete BBC sessions when it was released, but I have not yet played through it all. Disk 3 has not seen the inside of a CD player. Disk 1 and 2 I have not heard end to end yet. Also Coda re-release, I have not yet gotten around to giving it a run. (I did listen to St Tristan's Sword out of curiosity) But I have not yet given the three disks a go at all. (forgive me my sins...) There are reasons for this. Mainly time and place (hard with two kids and a missus, and being on call for work every 2 out of 4 weeks). And I really want to get nice and 'mellow' and submerge myself FULLY into it. I did this with LZ1 and most of the others (not all though). LZ1 I was so into it I actually had to stop after the second track because I was just so astounded at how good BIGLY was. Had to go look at the stars for a bit and just enjoy the moment and ponder the true depth of talent Zep had from the get go. LOL but I digress..... SO - Am I unique amongst you hardcore fans? Is there anyone else here that is yet to partake of some official release? Are you saving it for a spacial occasion? Maybe waiting for the right, erm, "frame of mind" to be available as I am? Maybe the companions don't really pique your interest? Maybe you're new to Led Zeppelin and have not yet heard it all??? Cheers all.
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