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Found 8 results

  1. “Geddy Lee’s Big Beautiful Book of Bass.”
  2. hello, everyone! so, there's this question i've been asking myself for some time now, and the question is: "should i play guitar or bass?". i've been playing guitar for 3 years now, and i've gotten quite good actually, but recently i haven't been able to progress much and i'm losing my skill. on the other hand, i developed a love for bass and i am learning a lot relatively quickly and it's really fun. however, i've worked very hard to get where i am on guitar, and i still relatively enjoy it. i don't know what i should do, so i'm asking you guys what should i do. also, which one do you play an
  3. looking for a bassist, a drummer, and a vocalist for my band. age must be under 18 (i will consider if you are ages 19-21), must have a decent skill set, and the vocalist should be able to play at least one instrument. we will be playing psychedelic rock, classic rock, some covers, and mostly original music. influences include led zeppelin, the beatles, oasis, radiohead, etc. vocalist preferably male. message me for more info.
  4. I tried to pick songs where the bass line doesn't follow the guitar, with the exception of Black Dog of course. I included Black Dog because it is one of JPJ's riffs - thus a candidate for the best bassline. I chose Ramble On, reason being that the bassline is just so much of the song. It begins the song, and carries it through till the end. It is quite a good riff too. A very, very close second would be Achilles Last Stand. My favorite bassline, such thundering power
  5. hey everybody please don't laugh..as my topic says im female, black and fifty! my fifteen year old daughter gave me the extra push to begin this process..what process you may ask. well im not well versed on all the minute personal details like so many of you seem to be all I can tell you is that at one time I played a little bass it has been my dream that one day I could play bass just one song onstage with led zeppelin. forgive me if im wrong but I thought I heard that jimmy and Robert have gotten back together -if playing with them as led zeppelin is not possible then I want to play onstage
  6. Hi all, I've been getting into transcribing some of JPJ's solo stuff recently, the guy is my absolute hero on the bass and figured it was about time someone deciphered his solo stuff - so here's my interpretation on his groovy, improvised solo on 'Bass N Drums' taken from Zooma... figured this, a Zep forum, would be as good a place as any to share it! Planning on putting a few more up in the future too. Hope you enjoy and feel free to share it wherever if it does indeed tickle your fancy?! Check it out, let me know what ye reckons... Big love to JPJ. Cheers, S.
  7. I need more pictures of this bass: I'm making a replica, but 10 pictures isn't enough. I need closeups. I know you guys have pictures, I just know it. Want to help me out?
  8. I've been both a Zeppelin and Yes fan for the majority of my musical awareness - Yes particularly for Chris Squire's bass playing. Not to slight JPJ at all - he is truly a master at what he does. But I think most people would agree that Jones' and Squire's styles are completely different. Recently while listening to Physical Graffiti, I noticed how much air and open space that 'Kashmir' let in with JPJ's bassline being relatively subdued and quiet in the mix. I got to thinking about how Chris Squire would probably have loved to do his thing on this song since it affords plenty of room for h
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