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Found 4 results

  1. Seriously? No one has bothered to wish Mr. Plant a happy birthday yet? Because I'm in the Pacific Time Zone I am used to being late to the party, so this is very surprising for me to be first to offer birthday wishes. Happy Birthday Robert Plant! Have a lovely celebration day. 🎂
  2. I am looking for suggestions for a gift for a big Zeppelin fan . . . my father turns 60 on 12th January . . ironically the same day that the first album was released (albeit a few years later). As he already owns all Zeppelin on LP in immaculate condition I wondered if there were any really rare ones/ first press you may suggest. . . or if there is anything else to recommend that the ultimate Zeppelin fan would appreciate! Any suggestions would greatly received as although my childhood was spend with a background of Zeppelin my knowledge of LPs and 'original' memorabilia is quite limited! thank you in advance
  3. Today is Lou Reed's birthday. He is 70 years old...yes, that's right, SEVENTY!!! He's older than Jimmy Page, and the jokesters will say he's always looked 70. If you are into any of the arts at all, be it literature, painting, music, whatever, there are certain figures that usually are the ones that open the gates to you, that led you down roads that form your basic esthetic and aesthetic choices. For me, it was reading Bram Stoker's "Dracula" as a boy that began my love of books, Van Gogh and the Impressionists that got me into art, and Alfred Hitchcock and the early Universal Monster movies of the 1930s that released my inner cinema-geek. As for music, the Beatles were the first to catch my ear. But the two most lasting loves and influences on my musical tastes and journeys both pierced my consciousness in 1969. One of course was Led Zeppelin. The other was the Velvet Underground. Buying Led Zeppelin I and the Velvet Underground album shortly after my birthday in 1969 was to impact me in ways I had yet imagined or could even fathom at that age. To this day, Led Zeppelin and the Velvet Underground remain my most beloved and cherished bands of all time. The only difference is that I saw Led Zeppelin in concert. Sadly, I was denied that privilege with the Velvet Underground. I was able to see Lou Reed solo, though...and John Cale, too. But never the VU. With Moe's and Sterling's passing, I never will. So happy birthday Lou Reed. Thanks for all the great noise! The most boss version of "Sister Ray" I've heard yet. Boston Tea Party 1969. The album that started it all... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Px47ke-JEqE&feature=youtube_gdata_player
  4. My best friend's birthday is coming up in November. He's a very good person. He donates his time to help students stay in school and he works very hard to protect the planet. His passion is everything that involves Led Zeppelin. He's probably never gone to a concert because he's made a lot of sacrifices in his life to help his family who raised him to be a light in this world. (He's even more of a good person than this.) Post your videos online wishing him a happy birthday (for example, Happy Birthday, Rudy.) and post your links here so I can send it to him via e-mail or something. If you can play or sing a Led Zeppelin song or have any images or videos, then it would be great if you add them to your video. Just mention something, enthusiastically, towards Led Zeppelin with the birthday greeting. Please make it clean, I appreciate it. Thank you! Led Zeppelin: immortal!!!
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