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Found 4 results

  1. https://www.rosswoodhall.com/john-bonhams-led-zeppelin-drum-kit/2017/07/24/ Anyone here know about this supposed auction of one of Bonzo's kits to raise $ for a statue of him to be placed in Redditch? The notes on this photo page say this kit was used to record When The Levee Breaks. (???) That seems like a specious claim. Common knowledge is that a new drum kit, or newly delivered kit was opened up at Headley Grange and they were set up in the entry way to the house. Page specifically mentions this in It Might Get Loud. However, Andy Johns claims that he and Bonzo moved the drumkit from one room to the hallway while the rest of the guys took a break during recording at HG. He says nothing about a new kit so the stories differ a bit there and Bonzo already had green sparkle kits by summer of '70. So, whether or not it was a newly delivered kit, it would've most likely been a larger green sparkle kit... not this smaller kit that was most likely used only for the first few weeks of the first US tour. There is a slight chance that Bonzo may have used this black pearl kit for some studio work but that seems impossible to know, unless there is a confirmed statement from the band or Andy Johns etal. Not that all of this would make much of a difference, they are still apparently Bonzo's drums and Plant seems to be part of this event. I wonder who owned the kit. Plant?? Jason?
  2. does anyone know any good substitutes for the ludwig 5" goldtone cowbell bonham used since they are very rarely on ebay? cheers
  3. Other than the punching incident, do we have any other cases of "banter" between Plant and Bonham? I also know of a bit of arguing about timing in IMTOD. I'm curious.
  4. OK, so my friend Terry , aka Bonzoleum came over last week and we geeked out on a couple Bonzo topics... one of which was the stuff he played on live versions of D & C. This is just the end , but for those who like this kind of drum geek mania - the whole video, and a couple others we did can be found on YouTube. Here are both. We plan to unite and make a new YouTube channel focusing on Bonham's drumming. Stay tuned! P.S. Apologies for the vertical perspective...it is all terry's fault ! Future videos will be in horizon aspect. Sheesh!!
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