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Found 14 results

  1. If you go down the YouTube rabbit-hole I am sure you have encountered the multiple uploads of Led Zeppelin Boots and Led Zeppelin Rarities. This is a wonderful service to the Zeppelin community, as it allows one to check out shows and various sources before committing to buy a particular show, if one should be inclined. It also allows one to enjoy live Zeppelin on the way to and from work or school without carrying a bunch of cds and cd player around. I can just plug in my headphones into my phone and I am magically transported back in time to the 1970s. My question is this: Are Led Zeppelin Boots and Led Zeppelin Rarities the same person? Are they members here at the Forum? Bonus question: Who do you think does the best remasters...Winston, Grame, Pseudonym aka Sue Dounim, or Lirodendron?
  2. Didn't know whether to include this in live or polls, sorry. Hi everybody! Pretty soon over on the r/ledzeppelin subreddit, I'll begin posting a survivor series where we vote out the best Zeppelin bootlegs one by one until we're left with presumably the best ones. You can read all the info about it (shows included, when it begins, etc.) here. I'm posting this here to get a general consensus to see if anyone here would be interested in participating, and if I should bother posting it here as well as reddit. If this sounds like something you're interested in, please let me know. P.S. for the mods: if I do end up posting this here too, would it be preferred that I just keep it here on this one thread and comment the new polls on it daily? Or is making new posts acceptable? Thanks everyone. Should've added a poll in the first, but I didn't so please vote here to let me know if you're interested or not. Much appreciated.
  3. Moonchild (?) Any info on who these people are? An off-shoot of another label perhaps? They are simply taking Winston's Remasters ( which he always has said he wishes not to be sold) and pressing silver discs with artwork. I guess it's sort of a gesture that they are acknowledging him but I think they're trying to capitalize on his name and reputation for creating excellent quality fan remasters.
  4. I dug up a misplaced box of cds last week and among them were a few Led Zeppelin bootlegs. But when I tried to find out more about them the internet provided zero information, apart from an ebay sale or two. Nothing about these Boogie Down Chillun Productions boots from Fillmore, Boston Tea Party, and Winterland in 1969 or this Top Gear boot of September 4, 1970 L.A. Forum. Nothing on Underground Uprising. Nothing on BootLedz. Nothing on ArgenteumAstrum. Nothing on Bootlegpedia. Nothing on Collectors Reviews. The cds are exactly as promised on the labels...no misdated shows or wrong song listings. But it's curious I can't find any info about the labels and what generation sources were used. Can anyone help?
  5. Apologies if such a thread already exists, but I did search. I love Zep, I have pretty much every show as far as I can tell. But here are a couple of things that make me a little crazy after all these years. Maybe these are the rough parts of the diamond, I don't know. I'll just air them in the hopes of finding kindred spirits rather than judgement. 1. Whole Lotta Love, live, didn't always suck. But it often sucked, at least compared to the rest of the show. Jimmy and JPJ found it hard to recreate the depth, power and tone of the opening riff live in a way which had the same punch as the studio version. It was often played in a hurried or frantic way. The six-bar solo break was usually a dog's breakfast marked by poor timing, including by Bonzo who used to mess around with the drum part to ill effect. The best bits live ended up being the medley numbers like Boogie Chillen (which was usually awesome). Maybe they were tired by the time they got there, but it's rarely a highlight. Honourable exception(s) to one or two of the versions on BBC sessions. 2. The way Robert handled his voice post Sept 72 . Why not do a warm up? After a few months, it becomes obvious that with some rare exceptions he couldn't hit even moderately high notes at the start of a show. But in many gigs, by the middle of the show he's in great form and can hit, if not his old peaks, at least somewhere close to that. So why not spend half an hour warming up his voice before the gig? Ok, got those off my chest.
  6. What is the best Led Zeppelin concert recording or bootleg?
  7. Which live shows should i listen to first if i've never really gotten into bootlegs? I've only heard the TSRTS and HTWWW. Any recommendations? Anything is appreciated.
  8. Can anybody tell me any rare bootlegs? Please no popular bootlegs like Listen to This Eddie, Destroyer, For Bager Holders Only, etc. Thanks!
  9. Hello my fellow zepheads, this is my first post here. What do you believe to be the best overall (performance AND sound quality) available bootleg? I've been doing some hunting to add to my collection, so I was curious as to what other diehard fans consider the most essential bootleg. Yes I know there is a lot to choose from, but if you had to choose only ONE to listen to for eternity, which show would it be?
  10. Nice post by anniemouse on "bootlegs". See http://forums.ledzeppelin.com/index.php?/topic/22636-bootlegs/ My follow up: any killer updated bootlegs released/rumored to be released for 2015/2016? Maybe JP will do something for the last official repackaged release of studio albums - a bonus live show? I just listened to a "newer" version of the second Cleveland Destroyer show, 04/28/77 bootleg, and am hopeful. I don't know if it's 2015 reboot, or slightly earlier, but it gives me hope that some "muddy" shows out there I need to revisit/or JP needs to officially release. PS I'm listening to France 10/10/69 and I don't imagine it getting any better than this! Can think of many shows I wish I could say same. Thanks.
  11. So I'm at the record store picking up a Christmas present for a friend, and possibly getting a sneak peek at the "Celebration Day" vinyl...when I discover THIS in the Led Zeppelin vinyl section! Led Zeppelin "Before the West Was Won: Live at the Fillmore West". I'm thinking it's just another bootleg until I turn it over and see the official Swan Song logo! It is from the Jan. 11, 1969 Fillmore West show and appears to be from the German Swan Song office. Is this legit or just a really well-made pirate? Is Led Zeppelin finally making some of their shows available in limited form? Here are the photos I snapped:
  12. When Jimmy Page was recording the guitar solo for Stairway to Heaven, there were three takes, one of which is the one on the album. Does anyone know where I can find audio of the other two solos? It would be interesting to hear how the the solo evolved. Also, any other Stairway to Heaven rehearsals or outtakes would be appreciated.
  13. Was wondering if anyone can direct me to any place where I can download quality live tapes of the band ? Thanks/Mike Sweden
  14. Hello people! im a newbie in the forum (not in zeppelin ) Anyway... in your honest opinion... which are the bests bootlegs in matter of sound quality? the quality of the performance is relevant, but no excluyent (because there are so many bootlegs with an oustanding performance but crappy sound quality) what do you think?
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