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Found 2 results

  1. I'm trying to find ideas for conglomerating concerts (see my YouTube channel for two concerts I've already done.) After I do Knebworth '79, I'm thinking of doing the first Boston Tea Party run in January '69. There are 2 definitive dates to mix from, 1/23 and 1/26. The issue I'm running into concerns this concert: Is it January 25, 1969? OR May 27, 1969? When searching both dates, the same concert comes up. Led Zeppelin's official website seems to point to the January 25th, but other Zep Heads seem to suggest it is from May 27th. I'm not well versed in their early shows (I find myself listening to later Zeppelin more often than not,) so if I could get some opinions on this matter, it would be much appreciated!
  2. I know I'm jumping ahead in chronicling my trip and skipping my time in Pennsylvania and New York but I'll catch up with those states again upon my return to LA next week, so it can wait. For now I want to share the fun and beauty of my days in New England, for all intents and purposes, the oldest part of America. Of course, the day I arrived in Providence from New York, July 19, was the hottest day of the year but as it was wicked hot all across the country on my trip(that infernal humidity was seemingly everywhere!), why should New England be any different? Once I was settled into my room and unpacked my clothes and freshened up, it was time to head up the 95 to Boston. The Boston Red Sox were playing the New York Yankees at Fenway Park at 7pm. Not only would this be my first visit to ancient and historic Fenway Park, but it would also be my first Red Sox-Yankee game. Needless to say, my godson was jealous. We arrived in Boston around 2pm, starting our walk at Boston Common, the huge park in the center of the city, with Beacon St. running along its Western edge. The first thing I saw when we came out from the subway station was this food cart. We headed North past the park and found this little cemetery where Paul Revere was born...the Patriot not the singer. A salute for Paul Revere. Another great man is buried here...Sam Adams. John Hancock's tomb. Most of the graves were so old that time had weathered away the lettering on the headstones. After the graveyard we moseyed back to Boston Common, the oldest park in the country and the start of the Freedom Trail. My friend and I followed it til we reached a building that might be familiar to anyone who has seen "The Departed". It was after this, continuing west down Beacon St. side of Boston Common, that we came upon the Cheers bar. Having been a fan of the show "Cheers", I just had to stop in for a drink...a Sam Adams Boston Brick Red. My friend has all the Cheers bar photos on her phone...except one. By now, the time was getting close to when we had to meet ebk and her husband at the Cask'n Flagon before going to the Red Sox game. That'll be my next post.
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