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Found 1 result

  1. At another site great music site, I posted the question: which live show would you offer to a young person as a first must hear! I wanted to encourage a "Zeppelin newcomer" to Zeppelin. Any age with open tastes. I think I was trying to help my 10 year old (at the time) nephew, and he ignored just about everyone, including me, and went off the European deep-end and picked Hamburg 73. Now I want a top 5 live list. It should be "easy at first bite." If you lost all the other shows but these, this is the set you would listen to and share with everyone. Many familiar songs, a few rarities, and no clunkers, if Zeppelin can ever be said to clunk. Near great shows wouldn't sustain interest throughout - everything from 79/80 - Early shows might lose from a small set list - 4/27/69. Maybe a fine show is missing a key performance or obvious "classics" - why did they play WLL on 4/26/69 but not the following night? Skip the not-stellar recording - Providence 73, which I'm listening to now and never get tired of. It took time to value. Maybe a middle to later concert lacks full sustained energy from all the members of the band - does anyone like Earls Court as I do but think that no one show is a masterpiece? I want hell-dog perfection and variety. I want payback for a bad critical review or the audience not appreciating their roots in American blues. Total energy wildness - 9/29/71. The choice explains longevity. After hearing the 5, the newcomer knows why the band was honored by the President, why we're talking about them 30 plus years after death virtually ended the band. I accept imperfection if it makes it a bizarre first listen - drum and guitar solos on 6/21/77. I want Plant talking/joking/scoldiing/pumping the audience, pulling up chestnuts - Louie, Louie in June 72 - like it was their final show. From opening - each of the songs is hummin'. I want a list to explain why I burned the pot roast because I didn't want to get up, go to the kitchen and stop writing about the music! I want someone to listen to the top 5 and say, "Rock can't get better than this." Thank you.
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