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Found 5 results

  1. Hello To complete the collection I'm missing the 'ITTOD', 'CODA' and 'BBC' boxes. As you know, here in Argentina it's very difficult to get the boxes, even ordering them by import is quite complicated. There is a seller on an online sales page that has 'ITTOD' and 'CODA' in this condition. All the other boxes I have came with the perfect sticker, it's just that these ones, it seems like water fell into the box or something, what do you think? did you get any box like that? Besides, they're a good price within what you can get here.
  2. This is the only song from the In Through the Out Door sessions which was credited to all four members of the band. It was never played live. https://youtu.be/GaZcTopMsZE
  3. OK-this might be over at the Hotel, and it might even be here... but I haven't looked in the Deluxe release threads for a while. Does anyone know the story behind this version? I'm fascinated by just how F'ing good it is. Blows my mind every time I play it. Was it recorded to make the LZII release?? Or was it just a jam session? What was its intended purpose? It's just blistering on ALL levels. The only problem I have with it is, I just wish it was about a full minute longer.
  4. I love In Through the Out Door and the songs on Coda from In Through the Out Door sessions! Can you imagine what Zeppelin would've gone on to do if Bonham hadn't died? They were fantastic in their final years! After Celebration Day they should've made an album with Jason! I can't stop listening to Darlene over and over! It's such a fantastic song! And the best part about ITTOD is no plagiarism like on their earlier albums! I mean seriously the only song on Led Zeppelin I that wasn't copied from someone else was Communication Breakdown! And ITTOD features exclusively John Paul Jones on keyed in
  5. Here's another "What If?" question for you: what if "In Through the Out Door" was released as a double, rounded out with the 1978-era "Coda" tracks and "Walter's Walk" thrown in for good measure? The original ITTOD clocks in at 42:25 and with the four tracks added, the revised total (by my math) is 60:50. That's a little short for a double, but at 67:07, "Exile on the Main Street" isn't that much longer. Something like "Swan Song" could have rounded it out nicely. What do you think?
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