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Found 6 results

  1. Hey everyone, I was wondering if any of you guys is familiar with John Paul Jones gig schedule for 2017. Is he coming to Europe anytime? Thanks for your feedback MG
  2. I've been doing a reasonably thorough amassing of live recordings, to the point where I am now double/triple checking the various listings of gigs including the official timeline on the site. The latter has a few errors, which struck me as odd. I don't have examples handy -- I could dig them up -- but my question is: is there any consensus on a definitive listing of gigs (accepting that a few will always be rumoured/disputed), and if so where can it be found? Apologies if this has already been addressed elsewhere on the site.
  3. hello all I am preparing to embark on a book about the concert tours of Led Zeppelin. Would the members here care to send me their stories along with the shows they attended for inclusion? Thank you
  4. Hey zepp heads. Today i wanna know your top ten zeppelin concerts. My list is this one: 1-1975 Earls Court ( The voice of Robert Plant was very bad, but only in Rock & Roll. The first song) 2-1973. Madison Square Garden 3-1972 Long Beach Arena (How the west was won) 4-1977 L.A Forum 5- 1979 Knebworth 6-1970 Royal albert Hall 7-1969 TV france 8-1969Danish TV 9-1975 LA
  5. Hello again Forum members "new" and "old". It's been a while for me. I've finally managed to find some free time to attempt/create a thread specifically for Led Zep and related (Plant solo, Page solo, Jones solo, Page/Plant, The Firm, etc) - archives, strictly dealing with New Orleans. There is "The New Orleans thread" that I assembled way back when, but I prefer this to deal with Zep and related material, "ONLY". Please feel free to contribute (as long as it's New Orleans based) if at all possible. Thanks in advance. With all of the audio/video footage, articles (new and old) that's out there from the New Orleans area, I thought it would be cool to try and archive all of this stuff into one thread. *** 1971 *** Led Zeppelin's first concert (to my knowledge) in New Orleans was August 29th, 1971 @ The Municipal Auditorium. The date ironically was the same as Hurricane Katrina, 34 years later. How strange is that?!! Based off of the incredible audio footage available of the show following this date (in Orlando Florida - 8/29/71) the band must have been "smokin"!!! I wish to God, this was available. I have had no luck in finding it. If anyone has something to add from this performance, please post (Articles, reviews, newspaper clippings, etc.) Side note* A friend from High School told me that his dad saw Zep here earlier than 71' on a Natchez River Boat or something....He swears to this. I don't believe they visited before 71'. There is no evidence of it. If anyone can prove or disprove-please add. *** 1973 *** Led Zeppelin perform @ The Municipal Auditiorium on May14th. The best known bootleg of this show is "The Drag Queen". Below is a clip. Again, feel free to add anything to this. (vids, articles, etc) That goes for any show. *** 1975 *** Led Zeppelin perform @ the LSU Assembly Center on February 28th. The best known bootlegs of this show are "Rampagin' Cajun" and "Freeze". http://youtu.be/XNYjQNixs60 http://youtu.be/QjjqynVQ5-A *** 1977 *** Led Zeppelin perform @ the LSU Assembly Center on May 19th. Only video footage of this show exsist. No audio has surfaced. http://youtu.be/-1J8BGt2968 Later that year, while in New Orleans preparing to play their biggest concert yet - to a sold out show @ The Superdome - Robert Plant receives the phone call that would change his life,,,and the band. It would be very time consuming (more than I have the patience for) to do a chronological deal. Maybe it will turn out that way......with your help? Here (below) is the most recent show from Robert Plant, which happened two nights ago @ the Mahailia Jackson Theatre. July 17th, 2013. I was hoping to write a first hand essay/summary about the show, but there are some really amazing videos- (I'd like to share) that speak for themselves, so there really is no use in me describing the tunes, since this footage is available.(thankfully) However, I will tell you guys that the energy level was very high. I believe it was a sold out show. I have seen Plant roughly 5-6 times since 1988. I've seen better performances from him, but that's not to say this was a "bad" gig. He never disappoints. The band (as good as they are) seem to play a low-key role, making Plant the star of the show, more than the instruments/virtuosity - taking precedence. Some songs were better than others. My favorites from the night were, "The Enchanter", "Tin Pan Valley", 'Fixin to Die", "Friends", "Four Sticks" and "Whole Lotta Love". His voice was strong throughout, and he teased the crowd with some chants and wails from back in the day- giving reference to "that confounded bridge" and screaming "push. push"...The Golden God was there to please. Fell free to add anything to the Archives "new" and "old"..(New Orleans).. and please enjoy the footage from Wednesday night. It "twas" amazing! In the meantime-I'll do my best to keep up with this. See Ya'll. RH
  6. On my way home from the Heart/Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience concert at the Greek Theatre in Hollywood tonight. Definitely a much more rocking show than the last time I saw Heart. In 1981 I went to the Texxas Jam at the Houston Astrodome with some Army buddies. The lineup was, from beginning to end, The Records(or was it the Rockets?), Foghat, Blue Öyster Cult, Heart, REO Speedwagon. Coming after BÖC, Heart needed to rock. Instead they played a set heavy on mellow, weepy power ballads. They bored me to tears so much, that I swore off them from that point on...never bought another album from them or saw a Heart concert again. When even REO Speedwagon makes you look wimpy, you know you have problems. But with the great performance at the Kennedy Center Honors and good reviews from friends who had seen Heart recently, I decided now was the time to end my Heart embargo and give them another chance. Another chance to see Jason Bonham was just a little bonus. Thanks to traffic, I arrived late and missed half of Jason's set. The songs I did hear were "Nobody's Fault But Mine", "The Ocean", "When the Levee Breaks", and "Whole Lotta Love". I had seen them before and they sounded about the same...with the same positives and negatives as before. "When the Levee Breaks" was the highlight. They cut out the middle theremin part of WLL...probably due to time constraints. There's a 10:30pm curfew at the Greek on weeknights. Jason's set ended around 8:25. At about 8:40-8:45pm. Heart began their set with "Barracuda". "Heartless" followed after that, and they continued going thru the nuggets of the Heart songbook..."Magic Man", "Kick It Out", "Dog & Butterfly". Yes, they played some of those sappy 80s songs, but they closed their set with a fine "Crazy on You". It was now 9:50pm and time for the moment everyone was waiting for...the encore of Led Zeppelin songs with Jason Bonham et al. Here is the complete encore in order: 1. Battle of Evermore 2. Misty Mountain Hop 3. Immigrant Song 4. Rain Song 5. Kashmir 6. Stairway to Heaven Suffice to say, they knocked it out of the park. Ann Wilson may not look like she did in 1976, but she can still belt out a tune. She still has that voice. That's the edge that Heart has over any others who try to do Led Zeppelin songs, including the myriad of LZ tribute bands out there: invariably the weakness of these bands is the vocals and Heart's Ann Wilson trumps all other vocalists when it comes to singing Led Zeppelin. So yes, I give a thumbs up to the show and yes, there were some emotional moments where I felt my eyes getting moist. I can wholeheartedly recommend you see this tour pairing when it hits your town. That's all for now...I need sleep. Three concerts in three nights...with a fourth one Friday.
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